Choosing a supportive bed that also fits in with your bedroom’s existing style

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The National Bed Federation recommends that your bed is replaced every ten years, but in reality most of us carry on with the same bed for much longer than this. When we do decide to change our bed, it is often because the mattress and bed base combination have lost their supportive qualities, thus reducing the quality of our sleep. As one of the most important pieces of furniture you will ever buy, selecting your new bed deserves some thought.

Aside from the physical comfort aspect of the bed, there’s also the tricky problem of getting your bed to fit in with the existing décor of your bedroom. You could take the route of replacing all the furniture in the room, but this would be costly. It’s far kinder on your wallet to think about how your new bed can fit in with your dresser, bedside table and/or wardrobe – as well as walls, fixtures and fittings.

In the process of choosing a new bed, you are likely to try a number of different beds before you settle on the one that will serve you for the next ten years. As you visit beds stores, try to recall the design of your other furniture, and consider if the new bed fits in well. When you find a great bed it’s hard to focus on how it will blend in with the room’s existing style, but as the bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house, it deserves some thought. Indeed, most of us spend around a third of our lives sleeping, so creating a pleasant, calming bedroom environment is important.

The bed base is the part of the bed that will stand out, and so the design of this element should certainly be focussed on in terms of its visual qualities. However, you may think this means the base is only a simple device for supporting the mattress. This is true, but if does not do this well, it can affect the way the mattress supports your body. Therefore both the visual design and its structural relationship to the mattress should be considered. The best way to test the bed for comfort is to lie on it; sitting on the edge or prodding it will not help. Beds are designed to support your whole body, and so you need to test it with your entire weight, as you would sleep.

Visually, even if your existing furniture is a traditional or classic in looks, you will still be able to find a bed that matches to some degree, since bed fashions tend to go in cycles like all other fashions. For the more contemporary bedroom, you may find more choice. Remember that even if the bed you finally choose does not perfectly fit in with its surroundings, you can use bed spreads, duvets and pillow arrangements to tweak the atmosphere of the room, or to disguise parts of the bed base if need be.

As such an important purchase, it is advisable not to rush into buying a bed. Don’t part with your hard earned cash until you are entirely satisfied. After all, this bed will be with you for ten years or more.

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