Energy Saving Measures for 2013

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Household utility bills make up a substantial chunk of monthly outgoings and although there may be nothing you can do about reducing the rent or the mortgage, there are lots of simple steps you can take to cut down your home’s energy consumption.

Take control and save

Using a room thermostat helps you to control your heating costs by setting the temperature to an exact degree. If you don’t already have one, installing a thermostat can help you save up to £70 a year.¹ If you already have one installed, turn it down to the lowest comfortable temperature, usually between 18C and 21C. Simply reducing the temperature by a single degree can save up to £55 a year.²

If you get your electricity from British Gas, you can make further savings by taking advantage of their new Remote Central Heating Control technology. It works through a smart meter and your existing internet connection. You can set the temperature in your home and your boiler timings from any computer or even from your smartphone. If you decided to go away for the weekend but forgot to turn off the heating, you could change the heating schedule from your mobile - especially handy at this time of year.

Switch and save

Comparing suppliers and finding the right tariff for you could also help you save money. British Gas divides their gas prices into two plans, fixed or variable. Fixed gives you the peace of mind of a constant amount for budgeting purposes and the variable model lets you pay less for using less.

Gas is cheaper than electricity

According to, “gas costs around 6p per Kilowatt hour (KWh) and electricity 12p per KWh”³. Getting new gas supplies fitted by the experts is a straightforward process so you may want to think about swapping electricity for gas appliances to save in the long run.

Use wisely and save

Talking of appliances, ensure you’re getting the best out of yours to save money. If you have a washer/dryer, try washing your clothes at a lower temperature. There are several new detergents on the market that wash clothes really well at 30C - trying this along with hanging your clothes out to dry instead of using the tumble dryer can knock up to 10% off your energy bills.


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