A Christmas wrapping idea for the #HAwrapup Competition

By Alice Hancock,
15th November 2013 - 11:38



Five of our Christmas special editions are up for grabs with the #HAwrapup competition! For a chance of winning all you need do is wrap a present with some jolly H&A gift wrap, free with the December issue, and send a photo of it to us at @Homes_antiques with the hashtag #HAwrapup.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a step-by-step guide for a fun way to use your paper:

·      Wrap your present in a sheet of H&A wrapping paper.

·      Cut a strip of paper that contrasts the paper you have used to wrap the present. This strip should wrap around your present entirely, and should be approximately a third of the width of the present.

·      Attach the long ends of this strip on the bottom of your present with sticky tape.

·      Choose a length of pretty ribbon that matches the first paper you used and secure the middle point of this ribbon to the bottom of your present, again with sticky tape.

·      Turn your present over, draw the ribbon up and over the edges and finish with a big beautiful bow.


You can find similar ribbon from £5.70 at Simply Ribbons.

And if you need more paper, or are looking to wrap a whole Santa’s sack full of presents, more is available on our subscriptions page here.

Don’t forget to Tweet a picture of the result to @homes_antiques with the hashtag #Hawrapup for a chance to win. Happy wrapping!


Words: Hannah Tribe


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