5 of the best exhibitions at London Art Week 2016

Don't be overwhelmed by the number of exhibitions on offer at London Art Week this year, here's how to narrow down your visit to a few key stops


Now in its fourth year, London Art Week is one of the world's most unique gallery-based celebrations of pre-contemporary art. Showcasing an impressive array of paintings, drawings and sculpture from antiquity to the 20th century, all within walking distance of each other, London Art Week offers a unique platform for art enthusiasts. Taking place from 1st-8th July 2016 and centered around the theme of connoisseurship, London Art Week will be bringing together more dealers and auction houses than ever before this year. 

To make sure you don't miss a highlight, be sure to plan your day around our pick of the five best events.

  1. Drawing Inspiration: Sketches and Sketchbook Pages from the 19th and 20th centuries 

    Works in this exhibition explore the creative transition from academic and scientific sketching to a more fluid and imaginative expression of ideas. A movement that was pioneered by the Realists and Impressionists of the mid 19th-century, it sought to portray real environments and people in a truthful and honest manner. The showcase includes work from some of the most famous names in Western art, such as Picasso, Klimt, Freud, Moore and Delacroix (creator of A Standing Moroccan Man, pictured above). 
    * Stephen Ongpin Fine Art, 6 Mason's Yard, Duke Street, St. James, London, SW1Y 6BU. 020 7930 8813; stephenongpin.com
  2. Gilded Light: 16th-Century Stained Glass Roundels from the Collection of Sir Thomas Neave 

    The first exhibition of its kind in London for over a decade, Gilded Light brings together 35 examples of stained glass craftsmanship from the forefront of the artistic and religious movement that led to its development. This core group of roundels and other panels are being presented in public for the very first time by a connoisseur of Medieval and Renaissance stained glass, Sir Thomas Neave, and will surely create an eye-catching display of colour and light. 
    * Sam Fogg Ltd, 15D Clifford Street, London, W1S 4JZ. 020 7534 2100; samfogg.com
  1. Kallos Gallery

    With Kallos translating from the ancient Greek word for beauty, it's unsurprising that they specialise in artworks from the ancient world. Treasured for millenia, and timeless in their aesthetic beauty, ancient Grecian pieces are crucial in unlocking the secrets of everyday life in the past. This year the Kallos Gallery will be exhibiting a range of unusual and unique antiquities, such as a collection of Grecian gold coins minted in Lydia by King Kroisos
    * Kallos Gallery, 14-16 Davies Street, London, W1K 3DR. 020 7493 0806; kallosgallery.com 

  1. Cornelius Johnson (1593-1661): Painter to King & Country 

    London's leading specialist in Tudor, Stuart and Northern European portraiture, The Weiss Gallery's 30th anniversary exhibition celebrating the work of Cornelius Johnson is not to be missed. Championing a style often replicated by fellow Tudor painters, the works of Johnson seem familiar to most due to the number of his works on display in public and private homes across the UK. Acclaimed for his study of character and detail in an unpretentious manner (much like the above painting of Sir William Campion of Combwell), Johnson's arresting portraiture gained him the title of 'picture-drawer' to King Charles I in 1632. 
    * The Weiss Gallery, 59 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6LX. 020 7491 9604; weissgallery.com 
  1. Inter-war Paris: Works on Paper 

    Presenting an array of works on paper born from the Paris inter-war period, the Aktis Gallery curates works focusing on the post-war lyrical abstraction movement in contemporary art. Following a steep decline in France's industry and agriculture after World War One, the French government struggled to repay wartime debts, resulting in a laissez-faire attitude to economic development and widespread financial hardship. This collection of paintings, born from an era of frugality, make for surprising and intriguing viewing. 
    * Aktis Gallery, 10-11 Park Place, London, SW1A 1LP. 020 7629 6531; aktis-gallery.co.uk


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