What would you bring back?

Of all the charming customs and objects now consigned to history, what would you reinstate?

Whatever happened to bed curtains and cuckoo clocks? So many items that were once the staple of a home have been consigned to history and forgotten. And yet lots were delightful and possibly more useful than their modern alternatives.

We want to know what you would nominate and why. Your suggestion could be published in the February issue of BBC Homes & Antiques magazine.


Here are a few things we would reinstate…

Slow cookers. There’s nothing more welcoming than yummy stews and casseroles waiting for you at home.
Old-fashioned telephones. So much nicer to look at than a modern phone and they make a good whirring noise when you dial!
Sugar tongs. Far more refined to have cubes with your tea. One lump or two?

Slide projectors. An evening out in 1970s was being invited to a party to see someone’s holiday slides. I liked the mechanical clunk that they made going round, but they weren’t very practical - the bulb was always blowing.

Doilies. Better than cheap faux leather/cork coasters.
Cuckoo clocks. Classic craftsmanship over a digital alarm clock any day.
Shaving brushes. They give a much better shave and, used with soap, save money on shaving cream too.
Wind up clocks. With cases made out of highly varnished and turned wood with a ticking noise that you can hear when you enter a room.
Drawing rooms. So there’s somewhere for the ladies to retire to.
Quills and ink. Makes writing feel far more like an art than computers ever could.
Carpet beaters. Although quite a workout, they are the only way to get a rug truly clean.
Typewriters. The click-clacking sound is so comforting and they make writing something feel much more tangible.
Men laying down capes over puddles for their womenfolk. The capes are kind of back in, so it is only a matter time ...
We'd love to hear what you think so if you have a suggestion, please leave a comment here or drop us an email at homesandantiques@bbcmagazines.com
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By George!
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