Glossary beginning with A

Peppered with unusual terms and descriptive phrases, the language of the antiques world is colourful to say the least. With our handy glossary, you'll soon be able to distinguish your maiolica from majolica and your chinoiserie from cloisonne.

Adam, Robert (1728-1792)

Famous for his neoclassical take on popular Palladian architecture, alongside his brother he remodeled many country houses.


A pair of similar figures that face one another, rather than the same way.

Air twist

The spiral pattern in the stem of a glass created by twisting a rod of glass in which columns of air are trapped.


A mixture of metals.


The process of gradually cooling a completed glass object.

Apostle Spoon

A silver spoon with the image of an apostle on the end of the handle.

Arequipa Pottery

Pottery studio set up by British potter Frederick Hurten Rhead. Created as an occupational therapy centre, pieces produced have a unique impulsiveness, making Arequipa wares harder to distinguish than other studios.


A silver or plated gravy warmer with a central well to hold the gravy and an outer casing for hot water.

Assay Mark

A mark that is stamped on silver or gold to signify that the metal has been tested for the standard of purity required by law.

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