People in Glasshouses Should Throw Parties

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Over half the UKs adults are active gardeners – and it’s a multi- billion pound industry – but one aspect of horticulture that’s passing from the “masses” to the luxury market is the newly re-modelled “greenhouse”.

Gone are the days when a greenhouse was an aluminium and glass “potting shed” at the end of your garden. Greenhouses and Glasshouses are increasingly adding value to property prices, offering environmentally friendly “extensions” and even becoming a must-have for entertaining.

They combine all the best assets of a conservatory (though they are often more cost effective) with the opportunity to grow plants, including exotics flowers and edibles.

Gabriel Ash designs and manufactures magnificent greenhouses and glasshouses from a seamless blend of beautiful red cedar wood, discreet aluminium and reinforced glass.

The only company to have all its products endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, Gabriel Ash combines traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering techniques, to create structures to fit around all sorts of properties, in a huge range of gardens.

This includes modest urban houses, through to stately homes and recently a property owned by an ex-Prime Minister.

Either lean-to or freestanding, greenhouses, sunrooms, garden rooms or glasshouses enable you to experiment with nature all year round. The drive towards sustainability means “grow your own” is for the environmentally aware as well as people on a budget.

But as homeowners look “outside” for more space, and a style statement, it is the multiple uses of greenhouses that intrigue Gabriel Ash Marketing and Sales Director Robin Parker. He said: :”One in six people believe the garden of a property is a vital selling point, and for many investing in well landscaped grounds is just as important as what goes on inside.

“But what we are increasingly hearing from customers commissioning designs from us, is that greenhouses are no longer just an asset when it comes to growing things!

“Our structures look and even smell beautiful, and offer robust construction, easy ventilation and flexible climate control. Greenhouses in gardens - or glasshouses attached to homes - are increasingly being used as additional rooms for recreation and leisure.

“Creating a light, bright strong but beautiful glass structure to relax in could throw up privacy questions, but thanks to modern electrical blinds even that need not be an issue.

“What could be nicer than sitting in your winter “garden”, surrounded by plants, warmed by a heater, with a glass of wine in your hand, looking up at the moon and the stars?

“They are also an ideal place for outdoor eating without being at the mercy of the British weather.””

Red cedar wood has excellent insulation properties and is naturally resistant to rot and termites, as well as looking attractive.

It means Gabriel Ash greenhouses and glasshouses make excellent and easily maintained additional spaces for arts and crafts workshops, reading rooms and entertaining spaces.

Robin Parker concluded: “If you thought greenhouses were for grey haired gardening buffs think again. They are now colourful and dynamic home additions for people who want to create more living space or just a style or environmental statement.”

Gabriel Ash offers a bespoke design service to create the perfect living – and growing – space to suit homes of all sizes, types and ages.

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