Do you have a restoration project?

By Rosanna Holmes,
14th October 2009 - 15:54
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A new television series is seeking owners of derelict, historic properties to follow them as they try to transform them into modern homes.

Endemol is looking for people who are about to renovate a property that has an interesting story to tell and is important to our built heritage. The series will try to discover what secrets these houses hold, events that happened within their walls, who lived there over generations, and how the property was used.
The restoration process will bring to light the difficult decisions about what ought to be saved, what can be sacrificed to make way for a 21st century home, and how to balance a sympathy for the past with the needs of modern day living.
If you are renovating a property and want to discover more about its structural and social history, call 020 8222 4996 or email