Wine lecture with Antiques Roadshow expert Andy McConnell

Join Andy at an antiques break on the East Sussex coast

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Roadshow expert Andy McConnell explains all about the history of wine on an antiques getaway

Wine has flowed throughout history, with everyone from the ancient Greeks to the team at H&A partaking of the odd glass (though not in work hours, obviously). So what better way to learn about how it has been enjoyed over the last 10,000 years than with a talk by Roadshow glass expert Andy McConnell?

The lecture, on vino and the vessels used for drinking it, is part of an antiques getaway hosted by The Place at the Beach hotel in Camber, East Sussex. Running from 17th-18th March, it also includes a two-night stay, a tour around nearby Rye’s antiques shops and a three-course dinner.
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