UK celebrates Wool Week

By Rosanna Holmes,
11th October 2010 - 09:05
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Sheep roam London Streets as the fashion and interiors industry promotes the wonders of wool

Did you know that you can snuggle up in a duvet filled with sheep’s wool? Or that it can be used to keep our homes snug?

Wool is more versatile than you may think, which is why Prince Charles is trying to reignite our love affair with the material to help out struggling British farmers.

A special Wool Week (11th-17th October), supported by John Lewis and Selfridges among others, kicks off the campaign to promote the qualities of the fabric, which is used in carpet, clothing, insulation, bedding and upholstery. 

Look out for promotions and discounts in stores, and be sure to nip London's Covent Garden today where you'll see sheep parading through the piazza.