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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot? Take a peek at how we photographed jigsaws for our feature in the December issue...

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot? Take a peek at how we photographed jigsaws for our feature in the December issue... 

Photographing puzzles might sound simple, but preparing for the shoot turned out to be quite a challenge for houses editor Katie Hallett. After tracking down several jigsaws from Candy Lovegrove of Nostalgia Games, she realised things might not prove as straightforward as she'd first thought.
‘Of course, the jigsaws arrived in pieces, so they had to be made up. We couldn't do them beforehand, as we wouldn't have been able to transport them, so they needed to be assembled at the shoot without taking up too much time,’ says Katie. 'It was a logistical nightmare!'
Thankfully, deputy editor and jigsaw addict Natasha Goodfellow was only too happy to help piece the puzzles together. She spent two happy hours completing two: a 1910 map of England (quite simple if you know your geography) and another, called ‘Christmas Guests’ (also c.1910), pictured, in a corner of the studio.
‘The horse and figures were easy but the snow proved rather difficult,’ says Natasha. 'It was jolly good fun, though - and possibly the most enjoyable morning's work I've ever done! The map puzzle was particularly satisfying. Made by a firm called Tuck, it was known as a 'Zag-Zaw' and had the most extraordinary-shaped pieces.'


All went according to plan and the pictures will appear alongside the feature by Roadshow expert Hilary Kay in the December issue of Homes & Antiques, on sale 3rd November.

PHOTOGRAPH: Full Stop Photography