The H&A vintage gift guide

With a bit of ingenuity, antique and vintage pieces can make alluring presents, whatever your budget

The H&A vintage gift guide
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With a bit of ingenuity, antique and vintage pieces can make alluring presents, whatever your budget

Gifts under £10

Chocs away: Chandelier droplets add a flourish to a box of chocolates and can be turned into tree decorations too. Pick some up at antiques markets.

Tea party: Create bespoke scented candle-holders from odd cups and saucers from car boot sales and charity shops.

Jolly jars: Fill vintage jars with retro goodies for the kids.

Presents for pets: Indulge your pets with antique glass containers filled with treats.

Scrubs up beautifully: Antique floral dishes from thrift shops can make pretty soap containers.

What a pickle: Add a little wow factor to your homemade preserves with antique jars.

Gifts under £30

Breaking the mould: Fifties ceramic jelly moulds overflowing with traditional confectionery are a stylish treat. 

Bottle it up: If you're going away for Christmas, fill a vintage bottle carrier as a gift for your host. 

Choca block: A pressed glass bowl packed with truffles is a choice chocaholic's present. This one was picked up from a car boot sale.

Cake heaven: Cakes make even more desirable gifts when presented in a vintage cake dome. The ones above were snapped up from Fanny's Antiques in Reading.

Easy cheese: A cheeseboard bundled with antique linen and a vintage cheese knife makes a sumptuous gift. Find similar boards to the one pictured at Durham Boards. Vintage cheese knife from Strand Quay Antiques in Rye, East Sussex.

Gifts over £50

Fine wine: Personalise a pair of crystal decanters with your own message. The above pair are £78 from Mint Antiques in Rye, East Sussex.

Sealed with love: Package classic cuff links in a beautiful handmade envelope. Cuff links pictured from Mint Antiques, as above, £78 per pair.

Party trick: A beaded evening bag will come in handy for the party season. Beaded 1920s evening bag is £79 from Charlotte Casadejus in London.

Fun and games: After-dinner games are all the more fun when given a vintage twist. Selection available from Pickett in London.

Top of the pops: Give a retro tin a new lease of life by lining with tissue paper and refilling with popcorn or chocolates. Tins from Focus on the Past in Bristol.

Styling: Lucy Berridge
Photographs: Verity Welstead