Auction of the week

By Rosanna Holmes,
8th May 2011 - 23:00
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Important Chinese Art, Duke's Auction House, Dorchester, 12th May

Oh, to hear the word 'Ming' uttered by an expert appraising a dusty vase you found in the back of a cupboard. One day, you tell yourself, one day... The dream did in fact come true recently for a retired Cadbury's factory worker. Having carted his blue-and-white vase in a cardboard box along to Duke's auction house in Dorchester, Dorset, he was told it was a rare Ming moonflask dating from the early 15th century and easily worth £1m. Guy Schwinge of Duke's was pretty excited, too: 'I could not believe my eyes. The vase is in perfect condition and it is amazing to think that it has survived unscathed for almost 600 years.' The Chinese dynasty vase goes under the hammer at this sale this week, which also features other important oriental treasures. How much will it make, we wonder?

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