The Manor Reborn

By Rosanna Holmes,
17th November 2011 - 17:47
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Penelope Keith and Paul Martin present a new series that follows the exciting process of refurbishing a National Trust property
A National Trust manor void of furnishings has been transformed into a timeline of changing interior d├ęcor, as revealed in a new BBC series starting on 24th November.
For the last few months, historians, teams of craftsmen, furniture makers and interior design experts including Dan Cruickshank and Russell Sage have been working on the Grade I-listed Avebury Manor in Wiltshire, which has remained empty for many years.

The BBC has been filming the progress, following the teams as they decorate nine rooms in the styles of different periods in history, from the age of Queen Elizabeth I to the eve of World War II. Real stories about the 500-year-old manor’s former occupants are unearthed along the way.
Presented by Penelope Keith and Paul Martin, the four hour-long episodes illustrate the story of British design across five centuries and draw on a wide range of craft and furniture-making skills.
Tune in on Thursday 24th November on BBC One at 9pm.