Andrew Lamberty to front new TV series

Andrew Lamberty, star of 4 Rooms, returns to the small screen in Auction Hero, a brand new series on BBC Two

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Antiques dealer and star of 4 Rooms, Andrew Lamberty, is to front Auction Hero, a brand new television series on BBC Two. The programme will follow Andrew on his travels around the country as he tries to save several struggling charities, which are experiencing a saddening drop in donations. Moved by the stories of the volunteers – ‘spending time with them made me proud to be British,’ he says – Andrew uses his expertise and knowledge to buy objects in the hope they will make a substantial profit for the charities. Andrew certainly has an eye for the rare and unusual, which is evident in his gallery display which hosts a signed Sex Pistols poster from their final show. What will he find on his travels throughout this series? 


Auction Hero starts on BBC Two on May 13.