H&A Project: Lanterns

These flickering lanterns can make summer evening entertaining magical

H&A Project: Lanterns
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These flickering lanterns can make summer evening entertaining magical


Bring a bit of va-va-voom to your al fresco entertaining with a tree full of flickering lanterns. These lanterns, although not robust enough to survive a summer downpour, are great for a one-off party and might survive for a further week or two.

While they are a bit fiddly, they are also foolproof and cheap to make. Use lots of different colours and dot them liberally throughout the garden. At only a few pence each, they’re an affordable way to create a real sense of occasion.

You will need: thin white card, wire, paper doilies, ribbon, glue, paint, rubber gloves, jam jar lid, double-sided tap, paintbrush, compasses and pencil, large pin, hole punch, pliers and scissors.

1. Cut out a piece of card that measures about 40 x 19cm. Lay down on a piece of newspaper and, using long, firm brush strokes, paint the card and leave to dry.

2. Using the doilies as stencils, lightly load a brush with a little white paint and gently dab through the holes on to the card to create a lace-like pattern. Leave to dry.

3. Using the compasses, mark small semi-circles along one edge and cut out to create a scalloped edge. Using the large pin, pierce the card following the stencilled pattern.

4. Bend the card into a tube and fix with tape. On another piece of card, draw a circle the diameter of the lantern. Add small, evenly spaced tabs and cut out. Stick a jam jar lid in the centre.

5. Fix the cardboard disc inside the lantern just above the scalloping. Glue a strip of ribbon around the top edge. With the hole punch, make a hole on each side at the top of lantern.

6. Cut a length of wire, insert through the holes and, using the pliers, bend the ends to secure it in place. To finish, tie more ribbon to the handles and pop a tea light into the jam jar lid.

We’d love to see the result if you attempt your own. Email us a picture to dearangela@immediate.co.uk or contact us via Twitter.

Photographs: Mark Bolton