Summer buys in honour of the Rubik's Cube

By Alice Hancock,
19th May 2014 - 14:58
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In honour of the famous puzzle's 40th anniversary, here are the best bright pieces in Rubik's colours

Today marks 40 years since the invention of that mind-bendingly frustrating Seventies favourite, the Rubik's Cube. In honour of its inventor, Ernő Rubik, who was a professor of interior design in Budapest, and of the beautiful weather, we've collected a Rubik's rainbow of bright buys for outdoor dining - one for each colour of the cube.


Left to right: White 'Hana' teapot, £78, Rowan and Wren; Red 'Alessandro' corkscrew by Alessi, £26, John Lewis; Yellow 'Peacock' tablecloth, £12.99, H&M

Left to right: Orange 'Brakig' plate, £10 for pack of two; Blue 'Solmys' lantern, £8; Green 'Holmsel' armchair, £40, all IKEA