Top Ten Uses for a Conservatory

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Many of us long for a little extra space at home but are reluctant or unable to splash out on a full extension. The addition of a conservatory, however, comes as a welcome half-way house, offering a versatile space at an affordable price.

Conservatories originated as an extravagance for the wealthy to cultivate their plants in the cold season. The limited use and high cost of the early versions of the conservatory meant that they were not a mainstay in the average household.

Thanks to advances in glass and heating technology, conservatories evolved into a common household extension over time. With the advantages of modern insulation and double glazing from conservatories specialists such as Everest, today's conservatories can be used for a wide variety of purposes throughout the entire year.

Here we take a look at ten possibilities that come with the extra space from adding a conservatory to your home.

1. Extra sitting room

The addition of a second sitting room is something that many of us dream of. Whether we're looking for a comfortable space to read away from the television or simply want a way out of the stylistic compromises that come with a lack of space, using a conservatory as an extra sitting room can be hugely beneficial.

2. Office or study

Conservatories are the ideal environment for a working space. Light, airy and away from the distractions of the home's core, they provide a sanctuary in which it is easy for one to put pen to paper. A job which entails working from home demands a space of its own – whether this means a desk and computer or a stool and an easel, the creation of a dedicated room can do wonders for your productivity.

3. Dining room

In days gone by, eating was a ceremony to which we devoted much more of our time than we do nowadays. If you are keen to make more out of your meal times, why not create a room exclusively for dining? There's nothing better than sitting down to meals with a clear view over your own garden. A conservatory come dining room is also perfect for dinner parties!

4. Growing Plants

Most of us make an effort to incorporate a bit of greenery into our homes. However, restrictions on space and, more often, light can make it difficult to find a place for your plants. Whether you're keen on botany or are simply trying to improve the air quality of your home, a conservatory is a perfect environment for plants to thrive in.

5. Kitchen extension

The kitchen has become a more integral part of the home's living space of late, as we use it as a place not only to cook and prepare food but increasingly as one in which to entertain. Few kitchens can offer sufficient room for seating, but an extension into your conservatory may well be the solution to your problem. As well as increasing the space available to you this is also a great way of bringing more light into your kitchen and generally making it a nicer place to be.

6. Sun room

We all love to lounge in the sunshine with a good book and some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the British summer is sometimes somewhat short-lived. Using a conservatory as a sun room will allow you to make the most of the sun's rays even on days which are still a little too fresh to invite you out into the garden.

7. Breakfast room

Breakfast is a meal which is best enjoyed around the table with our family. All too often, however, it is something which we take on the go due to the lack of anywhere appropriate to eat. While a dining room may seem a bit too formal for the early morning, a conservatory is the perfect place to start your day.

8. Children's play room

As the number of people at home begins to multiply, we can find ourselves becoming a little starved of space. While the constant expansion of our children's toys inevitably seeks to take over the home, the least we can try to do is contain them within one room. Kids love the light and warmth of a conservatory, making this a great space for them to take over and use as their own.

9. Gym

Why see your gym membership fees slip away from you month after month when you could be getting the same exercise in the comfort of your own home? The bright space of a conservatory can work well as a motivational tool to get your muscles pumping without feeling self-conscious.

10. Games room

It's everybody's dream to have a room of the house which they can dedicate to fun. Using your conservatory as a games room keeps everybody happy. Not only can you enjoy the warmth of the space but this is a great way to keep your grown up toys out of the way of the main house.


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