Chintz Changers

From the memorable 'Chuck Out Your Chintz!' mantra of the 1996 adverts to ex-catalogue pieces of IKEA furniture hitting the height of cool for lovers of quirky vintage, the Swedish flatpack kings have always managed to stay ahead of the interiors game. And now, as far as we're concerned, they've broken through the third wall...

Antiques Roadshow Falls for Flatpack!

Hot off the press, we've learned that the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, the unquestionable experts on 'proper' antiques, are planning on filming an episode of the show at the very first UK branch of IKEA some time in 2027.

The Warrington branch was the very first store that the Swedish giant opened in the UK - back in 1987 - and was greeted with a crowd of thousands, some of whom had camped out the night before. As the doors opened, 7,000 people swarmed in, desperate to pick up £25 sofas and bookcases for a fiver.

Iconic IKEA Collectables

To mark the 40th anniversary of IKEA Warrington, the Antiques Roadshow is planning a special episode to be filmed inside the store's labyrinthine halls. But IKEA doesn't sell antiques, I hear you cry!

You're right, it doesn't, but some of their products have proved so popular over the years that they have become collectables. Step forward the following vintage icons, all on sale at Vinterior...

'While this may be a departure from our usual stately home location,' says Ivor Tawltayle, a Roadshow spokesperson, 'you can't underestimate the joy of seeing that bright blue livery with its golden signage looming into view.

And basically everything under that glorious metal roof is an heirloom of the future, so all the experts are completely onboard and can't wait to grab their free IKEA pencil and get shopping!'

The show is a little way off, but keep checking the BBC website for updates as tickets will be required to attend the filming.