The release of Bridgerton season 2 has had us all in a spin. The romance between Kate and Anthony kept viewers on the edge of their seats, saving the union until the very end. A far cry from the season 1 storyline, which showed much of Simon and Daphne's romance throughout the series.

Although we all wondered how the first season could ever be topped, Anthony and Kate's story was a hit with viewers, and with our second fix finished, anticipation for a third series has never been higher...

Will there be a season 3 of Bridgerton?

Netflix has confirmed that Bridgerton will be returning for season 3, as announced in April 2021. Netflix have also revealed that viewers can expect a season 4 and a spin off focusing on Queen Charlotte in her early life. Filming has began for the spin off, although we are not yet sure when it will be released.

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Who will Bridgerton season 3 about?

It turns out the rumour mill has been churning the correct information. It has been confirmed that season three of Bridgerton will tell the story of Colin Bridgerton & Penelope Featherington's love story. The news came from none other than Lady Whistledown (via Shondaland's twitter) in her usual manner. In the announcement, Whistledown wrote 'this author can confirm that the upcoming season shall follow none other than the budding relationship between Mr. Colin Bridgerton and the one Miss Penelope Featherington.'

Season 3. The story of Colin and Penelope. #bridgerton

— shondaland tv (@shondaland) May 16, 2022

Who will be in the cast of Bridgerton season 3?

As things stand, it appears the main families in Bridgerton will be returning for season 3. The Bridgertons, including Daphne and eldest brother Anthony, will be returning, alongside the Featheringtons and Queen Charlotte. Most excitingly, it has been confirmed that Simone Ashley, who plays Kate Sharma, will be returning to season 3.

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There has been no word on the return of her on-screen sister, Charithra Chandran, who plays Edwina Sharma, although most viewers would agree that the union between her and the Prince is something we would all love to see!

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When will season three of Bridgerton come out?

The official release date has not yet been revealed, but seeing as the second season has only just been released two years after the first, we can guess season 3 will be released sometime in (hopefully early) 2024. This, of course, could be later if the producers decide to release the prequel about Queen Charlotte before hand, however with the recent announcement regarding season three as 'the upcoming season', we are led to assume season three will come first.