Duke of Wellington 2022 exhibition announced

'Wellington, Women and friendship' will feature fifteen works exploring the Duke's relationships

Duke of Wellington 2022 exhibition

From the moment he secured victory at the battle of Waterloo in June 1815, the legendary status of Arthur Wellesley, better known as the Duke of Wellington, was assured. But his marriage to Catherine Pakenham was less triumphant.

Duke of Wellington 2022 exhibition
1st Duke of Wellington, Sir Thomas Lawrance 1818
Credit: Wellington Collection Apsley House

The couple neither saw nor spoke to each other during his time overseas and it soon became apparent they were ill matched.

A new exhibition opening in spring 2022 at Apsley House, Wellington’s London home, will explore the complex relationships he formed with other women after his marriage collapsed.

Duke of Wellington exhibition 2022
1st Duchess of Wellington, Sir Thomas Lawrence
Credit: Stratfield Saye Preservation Trust

Through letters, paintings, miniatures, drawings and previously unseen or published letters, ‘Wellington, Women and Friendship’, which will run from 1st April until 30th October, will give a glimpse into Wellington’s social circle, his marriage and the world of celebrity gossip.