Hauntingly good: Treasures uncovered at Spetchley Park in Worcestershire

From curious books and jewels, to old costumes and decorative furniture, antiques from the attic of Spetchley Park hit the salesroom this January

Lots on offer at Chorley's January 2020 sale

We’ve no doubt all fantasised about discovering priceless objets d’art in the darkest recesses of the loft and, for Spetchley Park in Worcestershire, that’s exactly what’s happened.


Home to the Berkeley family for 400 years, the grand mansion has borne witness to many key moments in recent history and was even chosen as the potential headquarters for Winston Churchill and his cabinet in the event of a successful German invasion during the Second World War.

The 742 items, which range from clocks, medallions, jewellery and portrait miniatures to rugs, artworks, books and furniture, are being put up for sale at Chorley’s on Tuesday 28th January.

To give a haunting narrative to some of the recovered pieces, the auction house has commissioned a series of still-life-style photographs by RJA Photography.


For more information and to bid online visit chorleys.com

Chorley's January sale � RJA Photography (@Her_Dark_Materials) copy
Treasures from the estate include all manner of gothic curios, including an incredibly lifelike antique ivory skull. Image credit: RJA Photography (@Her_Dark_Materials)