What to buy now – interiors ideas for all budgets

The most influential interiors experts reveal what they would buy if we gave them £30, £300 and £3,000 to spend. Let their answers inspire your next shopping trip...



Author, blogger and owner of design boutique, Abigail Ahern.




Linen bedding I’m obsessed with linen bedding – it is such a breathable fabric that keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer, plus it becomes softer after each wash. Linen from specialist Merci comes in the most wonderful hues – every time I’m in Paris I add another to my collection! Abigail loves to buy her linen from Merci in Paris (merci-merci.com), but Loaf’s ‘Lazy Linen’ is available in the UK and prices start at £40 for a pair of pillowcases.

Available from loaf.com


Anemone Pool by Morris Shulman I am in the midst of building up my art collection, and although I have a lovely selection of works in all of the key rooms, I don’t have enough in transitional spaces like hallways and landings. I like abstract and expressionist paintings, so I was immediately drawn to Morris Shulman’s Anemone Pool. I’m obsessed with intriguing the eye in my interiors, and this painting does exactly that.

Anemone Pool by Morris Shulman, £2,789, Lawrence Fine Art


Santa Maria Novella pot pourri I know pot pourri has a bad reputation, but this is another level. It’s a magical scent made by hand using ancient methods. It’s a full-bodied blend of herbs and flowers, grown without pesticides in the Florentine Hills. It’s aged for months and lasts forever. I decant it into tea-light holders and pop it all over my pad.

‘Sacchetto’ in ‘Seta Bordeaux’ pot pourri bag, $52, Santa Maria Novella – buy.smnovella.com

Are you on the hunt for luxurious bedding, decorative accessories or beautiful furniture? We’ve asked five of the most influential interiors experts and designers what they would buy if we gave them £30, £300 and £3000 to spend. Let their choices inspire your next shopping trip…


The feature first appeared in the November 2017 issue of Homes & Antiques.