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What is Cornishware?

An iconic striped kitchenware, here's everything you need to know about Cornishware and the best offerings on the high street.

Cornishware jug
Published: December 13th, 2021 at 11:26 am
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What is Cornishware?

Cornishware is a kitchenware brand with a stripe design, first trademarked by T.G Green & Co. Most synonymous with the classic blue and white stripes, Cornishware is now also offered in a selection of other colours.


What is Cornishware made from?

Cornishware is made from Cornish clay, which is then hand-painted and finished with a glaze. The design was first created by scraping parts of the blue slip from the ceramics, revealing the white clay beneath.

Is Cornishware still made in England?

Cornishware has always been made in England. Cornishware was originally made in Derbyshire, however since the factory closed, Cornishware has been made in Stoke-on-Trent and decorated in the West Country.

How old is Cornishware?

Cornishware was first produced in 1924, making it 97 years old! However, T.G Green & Co was founded in 1864 and created other lines and ranges before creating Cornishware, which proved to be their most popular.

Best Cornishware on the high street

Whether you've already started your collection of Cornishware or just fancy some new kitchen pieces, here are a few of the most sought after Cornishware items.

Cornishware striped mug, £17 each, from John Lewis

These 340ml Cornishware mugs are a great size and come in the iconic blue and white stripe design.

Buy Cornishware striped mug from John Lewis

Cornishware mug john lewis

Set of 4 Cornish main plates, £72, from Cornishware

Why not start a new collection of beautiful tableware? These main plates add a pop of colour with their red and white colour-way.

Buy set of 4 Cornish main plates from Cornishware

Cornishware set of 4 plates

Cornishware dreadnought jug, £30, from Trouva

Freshen up your breakfast table with a Cornishware dreadnought jug. There are different sizes to choose from- 10 oz & 30 oz are in stock right now.

Buy Cornishware dreadnought jug from Trouva

Jug trouva

Cornishware Betty striped teapot, £25, from John Lewis

If you're partial to a cuppa, this Cornishware Betty striped teapot is the perfect way to drink your tea in style.

Buy Cornishware Betty striped teapot from John Lewis

Teapot john lewis

Set of 4 adder green cereal bowls, £60, from Cornishware

Cornishware is also available in green, and this set of 4 adder cereal bowls are a great option.

Buy set of 4 adder green cereal bowls from Cornishware

Adder green cereal bowls

Classic Cornishware teapot, £47.95, from Trouva

A more classic style, this teapot comes in a bright yellow colour, perfect for an afternoon tea!

Buy Classic Cornishware teapot from Trouva

Cornishware teapot

Cornishware stripe stoneware covered sugar bowl, £38.54, from Amazon

Why not complete the tea set with a Cornishware sugar bowl? This comes in a range of colours, so you can match it with your teapot or create contrast with red stripes.


Buy Cornishware stripe stoneware covered sugar bowl from Amazon

Cornishware sugar pot

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