Metallic shelving looks great against a dramatic midnight blue wall. Try grouping figures based on a theme or colour to produce a curated, cohesive display.

Antique and vintage figures displayed on a gold shelf next to a printed stool with antique books, brass wall light and display domes
Wall painted as before. Hana bookcase, £995; antiqued brass wall light, £115, both Graham & Green. Top shelf: Pieta statue in parian porcelain, £219; Jesus parian figure, £89, both Antiques Heaven; 19th-century parian model of a dog, £115, Andrew Dando; Our Lady of Seven Sorrows art nouveau porcelain bust, £345, Antiques Heaven. Second shelf down: sacred heart of Jesus bisque figure, £105; Virgin Mary immaculate conception Old Vieux Paris statue, £219; Virgin Mary antique Old Vieux Paris porcelain statue, £109; processional crown, £169, all Antiques Heaven. Third shelf down: Old Vieux Paris dome figure, £215, Antiques Heaven; set of 19th-century French books, £250 for 14, Lorfords; Milagro hearts in a glass dome, £120, Rockett St George. Bottom shelf: Blanc de Chine lion Foo Dogs (1662-1722), £3,800 for a pair, Kulik Selzer at 1st Dibs; 19th-century French black books, £480 for six, Lorfords. Windows print stool, £100, Rockett St George. RusticBeni Ourain rug, £795,Tate & Darby.

As well as keeping your precious ornaments free of dust, glass and gold domes add a sense of occasion and grandeur, and even humour, depending on what you choose to place inside.

Figurines displayed in glass domes against a Farrow & Ball painted wall and antique mounted antlers
Walls painted as before. Pair of Derby figures of dancers, £1,250; unusual early Staffordshire model of a spaniel, £750; 18th-century Bow figure of autumn, £750; Staffordshire porcelain figure of a shepherdess, £320 for a pair, all Andrew Dando. Edwardian mahogany cabinet, £60, Rag & Bone Bristol. Glass domes, from £7.50 each, Ikea. Mounted antlers, from £15 each, Lorfords.

For a contemporary look, try placing individual objects inside clear display boxes in sleek, neat rows. This is a clever way of drawing attention to smaller collectables that could otherwise be overlooked.

Vintage objects displayed in clear wall-mounted boxes
Björnarp perspex boxes, £15 each, Ikea. Coco Chanel doll, £35, Utility Design. Herend sitting green lop ear bunny, £143; blue miniature sitting rabbit, £123, both Cotswold Trading. Vintage Herend gorilla, £295, Kulik Selzer at 1st Dibs. Toikka little barn owl, £168, Iittala. Vitra wooden doll no. 6, £90, Nest.co.uk. Vintage Toikka bird, £65, Lincoln Collectibles at Etsy. Vintage Japanese Kokeshi doll, £55, Mustard Vintage. Vintage Dala horse, from £20, Winter’s Moon.

Take inspiration from your figurines and create an eclectic still life. This playful bird theme works beautifully with antique wire cages!

A bird themed eye-catching arrangement on a Regency chinoiserie table. Arrangement includes: 19th century bird cages, 19th century convex mirror
Wall painted as before. French late 19th-century convex mirror, £700 for a pair, Lorfords. Regency chinoiserie table, £1,330; wire 19th-century bird cages, £480 for six; Chinese early 20th-century parrots, £260 for a pair, all Lorfords. Chinoiserie duck, £22, Focus on the Past. Porcelain peacock, possibly Chamberlain Worcester, c1830, £285, Andrew Dando. Glazed stork vases, £285 for a pair, Kulik Selzer at 1st Dibs. Lladró geese, £34 for a pair, Tilly of Bloomsbury on Etsy. Toikka bird, £224, Iittala. Mid-century wooden crane, £25, Mustard Vintage. Vintage Studio Pottery jug, £22, Winter’s Moon. Faux foliage stems, from a selection at Bloom. Faux budgie, £16.95, Rockett St George.

Sub-divide your collection by colour to draw the eye. Give each piece breathing space for a more considered effect.

A colour co-ordinated display of miniatures in a pigeon hole unit with a Gubi lamp, vintage brass butterflies
Wall painted in Portland Stone, £43.50 per 2.5l, Little Greene. Mid-century brass butterflies, £55 for three, Mustard Vintage. Pigeon hole unit, £250, Rag & Bone Bristol. 1960s chair, £1,700, Lorfords. On unit: Gubi lamp, £499, Nest.co.uk; speckled Staffordshire dogs, £175 for a pair; ceramic cats, £260 each, all Alex Sickling. Top shelf: pair of brown Staffordshire spaniels, £450, Andrew Dando; blue Staffordshire-style dog, £18; orange Staffordshire-style dogs, £28, for a pair, all Focus on the Past. Second shelf down: French 19th-century books, £250 for 14, Lorfords; mid-century bronze horse and gladiator, £35; mid-century bronze horse, £29, both Mustard Vintage. Third shelf down: Melbaware terrier, £30; Sylvac green snub-nosed rabbit, £35; Sylvac Sad Sam dog, £18, all Tilly of Bloomsbury on Etsy.Fourth shelf down: vintage brass deer, £39 for a pair; mid-century brass terrier, £39; mid-century brass toucan, £95, all Mustard Vintage. Bottom shelf: terracotta dogs, £380 for a pair, Lorfords; Otto Keramik bull, £110, Rag & Bone Bros. Elements mug, £9.95, Rockett St George.

For a modern take, show off your antique ornaments in brightly coloured open cabinets. Here, blocks of colour provide a fresh backdrop to a collection of Dresden and Staffordshire figures.

Antique ornaments in brightly coloured open cabinets next to a DSW Eames Chair. Ornaments include, Staffordshire dogs, Dresden
Wall painted as before. Eket shelving unit, £145, Ikea. DSW Eames chair, £365, Nest.co.uk. Alvin lamp, £55, Graham & Green. Wooden hand by Hay, £19,
Nest.co.uk. Floral glass paperweight, £38, Rockett St George. Camera and photographs, stylist’s own. Plant and holder, find similar at Rockett St George. In top and bottom orange and dark grey shelves: set of antique Dresden porcelain figures, £7,500 for set of 12, Mayfair Gallery. In light blue shelf: Staffordshire midshipman from a pair, £520; Staffordshire shepherd from a pair, £320, both Andrew Dando. In light grey shelf: Staffordshire boy in Turkish-style costume, £140; shepherdess from a pair, £320; Bow figure of autumn, £750, all Andrew Dando. In dark blue shelf: pair of Derby porcelain musicians, £640, Andrew Dando. Unique Boujad 2 rug, £665, Tate & Darby. Bag, £25, Winter’s Moon.

Compose scenic vignettes with treasures from far-flung travels. Blend ancient stone buddhas and vintage brass animals with modern pieces for a quirky and eclectic look.

Tribal and oriental themed display of ornaments including vintage brass animals, ancient stone buddhas and plants
Wall painted in Basalt, £43.50 per 2.5l, Little Greene. Regency engraved European map, £550, Lorfords. Vellum suitcase c1920, £140, Lorfords. 1960s glass globe lamp, £290, Rag & Bone Bros. Leopard money box, £65, Amara. Black 19th-century French Natural History books, £480 for six, Lorfords. Faux fishbone fern, £59, Bloom. 19th-century apothecary drawers, £280, Rag & Bone Bristol. Gandharan stone Bodhisattva Maitreya,£1,295, Ancient & Oriental. Mid-century carved wooden lion, £19; mid-century bronze horse, £29; mid-century brass armadillo, £35; mid-century brass ox, £75; mid-century brass crane, £25, all Mustard Vintage. Begonia Rex plant in a gold pot, £49, Bloom.

Give substance and significance to fragile ancient figures. Modernist cornice shelves lend your cherished relics the reverence they deserve.

Ancient ornaments displayed on wall-mounted shelves. Modernist cornice shelves. Fragile ancient figures
Wall painted in Portland Stone, £43.50 per 2.5l, Little Greene. Vintage Japanese cabinet, £260, Rag & Bone Bristol. Bowl, £8; plate, £9.95, both Rockett St George. Black French 19th-century Natural History book, £480 for six, Lorfords. Vintage mini globe, £24, Focus on the Past. Chair (from a selection) covered in Cranes Green linen, £70 per m, Emily Burningham. Vitra Corniche shelves, from £45 each, Nest.co.uk. Figures (clockwise from far left): a Greek terracotta of a seated man, £495; Egyptian Middle Kingdom wood servant, £495; Greek terracotta figure of seated man, £425; Chinese Kangxi porcelain lion pair, £495; Tang dynasty pottery attendant, £295; Northern Qi attendant, £295; Northern Wei attendant, £295; two Greek terracotta figurines of a mother and child, £335 each, allAncient & Oriental.

All prices and product names correct at time of publication.