Art deco is named as the nation’s favourite style

Nearly a fifth of people prefer art deco-style antiques


Art deco has been named the nation’s favourite period of design, according to a new survey carried out by the organisers of The Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia.


Nearly a fifth of those surveyed chose art deco as the style they preferred. Victorian pieces appealed most to 14 per cent and Georgian to ten per cent.

‘In a world where nothing was new, art deco desings epitomised innovative and daring ideas,’ says specialist art deco dealer Jereon Markies. ‘It is an extremely practical style and mixes well with designs from other periods. I think it is the artistry of the craftsmanship that really sets it apart. The clean, strong lines, inspired by the celebration of modern ideas and industrial progress will remain popular for centuries to come.’

The survey showed that people were looking for long-lasting pieces and 47 per cent felt that pieces bought from the high street had the potential to look tired after five years. Over half of the 25-34 year-old generation felt that they couldn’t afford antiques, however, a myth that Mary Claire Boyd, director of The Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia, is keen to dispel:

‘Antiques are unique and often come with a fascinating story. And, they can be combined very effectively with contemporary art and furniture. People see great benefit in buying antiques but often they don’t realize the options and scope available to them – and the affordability.’

Given that a survey carried out in December by Love Antiques found that the carbon footprint of an average old chest of drawers was nine hundredths that of its modern counterpart, it seems that buying antiques is a no-brainer.


Image: Katya de Grunwald