H&A Homes: Wallography’s scientific wall hangings

Art meets science with Wallography’s collection of vintage-inspired wall charts


New company Wallography has utterly charmed us with their range of botanical and zoological wall hangings.


Inspired by vintage scientific posters of the 1890s that were updated in the 1950s, they are printed today using the same techniques.

‘We have always loved scientific illustrations and when they are beautiful enough to become art in their own right, who can’t fall in love with them?’ says Neil Kid, one of Wallography’s founders.

He’s not wrong. Paired together (like the Dog Rose and Apple Tree, pictured above) they make a great autumnal statement against a plain wall.

Next up, Wallography plans to start selling a range of vintage designs on its website. It’s also worth taking a look at their blog for some quick inspiration.


Wallography’s wall charts are £89 each and measure 23 inches by 44 inches. They can be bought online at wallography.co.uk