Create a dining table fit for a May queen with handmade floral napkin rings, wicker placemats and serving platters, chunky ornamental candlesticks and, naturally, plenty of bulbs and blooms.

Rustic Birds & Botanicals dining room
Wall chart, find similar at Vintage Wall Charts. Armchair, find similar at Maisons du Monde. Issoria Outdoor Cobalt cushion (on window sill), £49, Designers Guild. Castleford tall bottle in Forest, £49, Neptune. Log basket, find similar at Wovenhill. Dining table and bench, find similar at Barker and Stonehouse. 19th-century Swedish chair, £1,800 for six, Brownrigg. Swedish country chair, £1,800 for four, Lorfords. Regency revival chair, £2,600 for six, Lorfords. On table: hessian as a runner, £4.95 per roll, Baker Ross; Aluna cane stand, £39.95, Nkuku; candlesticks, find similar at Homesense; bird cage, £480 for six, Lorfords; Artisan mango wood plates, £19.95 each, Nkuku; 1900s French Terre de Fer brown transferware, £180 for set of six, Beau Chateau Boutique; Antonia linen napkins, £44 for six, Neptune; cutlery, £65 for six forks, £35 for six knives, £20 for six spoons, Rachel’s & Michael’s Antiques; green lemonade set, £60, Rag & Bone Bristol; Aluna cane tray, £29.95, Nkuku; Lamorran bowl, £33, Neptune; Castleford wide glass bottle, £35, Neptune; cruet set, find similar at Zara Home. Coffer, find similar at Focus on the Past. Fern print, £2,000 for a pair, Lorfords. White vase, find similar at Scandinavian Design Center.

The kitchen is ripe for adding accessories made from rustic wood. From breadboards and spoons to crates and plate racks, invest in this versatile material that only gets better with age.

Rustic birds & botanicals country kitchen
Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker, £28, John Lewis & Partners. Green jars, £12 each, Amy Perry Antiques. Crate, £22, Focus on the Past. Urn (with flowers in), £200, Lorfords. Vintage scales, £110, Domestic Science. Chopping boards, find similar at Dassie Artisan. Green waterer, £19, Wood & Meadow. 1920s pink enamel jug, £42, Beau Chateau Boutique. Terracotta pot and plant, stylist’s own. Wire basket, find similar at Beau Chateau Boutique. Mixing bowl, £30, Rag & Bone Bristol. Illustrations, £10 each, Life of Si. Plate rack, find similar at Susie Watson Designs. Mustard pot, find similar at Brownrigg.

Marry mismatched vintage ceramics with a pretty tablecloth for a relaxed approach to teatime.

Rustic birds & botanicals ceramics
Teacup and saucer, £8.50, Domestic Science. Eggs, £6.50 a bag, Baileys Home. Blue and white plate, £15, Focus on the Past. Pheasant tail feather, £2.80 for five, The Feather Shop. 1900s French terre de fer plate, £180 for six, Beau Chateau Boutique. Blue and white plate, find similar at Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair. Forks, £65 for six, Rachel’s and Michael’s Antiques. Knives, find similar at The Giant Shepton Flea Market. Teaspoon and fabric, stylist’s own. Books, from £2 each, Bookbarn International. Bird illustrations, £10 each, Life of Si. Blossom, Lily Violet May.

Even functional areas, such as a busy hallway, can be dressed to great effect with a botanical print or two, woven baskets and cosy throws in rustic shades.

Rustic birds and botanicals styled hallway
Bin, £80 for a pair, Anne Fowler. Walking sticks, £35-£48 each, Focus on the Past. Basket, £38, Chloe Antiques. Blanket (in basket), £35, Focus on the Past. Box, £32, Focus on the Past. Shoe lasts, find similar at Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair. Swedish 19th-century console table, £2,200, Lorfords. Vintage French hat, £420 for a large collection, Lorfords. 17th-century Basilius Besler botanical engraving, £1,620, Lorfords. Hairbrush, stylist’s own. Books, from £2 each, Bookbarn International. Vase, stylist’s own. Green glass vase, £380 for a collection, Lorfords. Bell, find similar on eBay. Suitcase, find similar at Retrovation. Welsh blankets, £299 each, Jane Beck Welsh Blankets.

Drift off to sleep surrounded by the sights of nature. Bedlinen decorated with flora and fauna motifs, potted plants and curios under bell jars are all brilliant ways to usher the outside in.

Rustic birds & botanicals styled bedroom
Wall charts, £19.99 each, Bygone Press. On shelves: vintage basket, £30, Chloe Antiques; green lantern, find similar at PK Green; books, from £2 each, Bookbarn International; woven plant holder, find similar at The Future Kept; SylvaC mantel vase, find similar at Soulfood Studio; A Book of Lilies, £6, Focus on the Past; books, from £2 each, Bookbarn International; blue and white jug, £8, Focus on the Past; green art deco jug, £15, Focus on the Past; hyacinth in floral pot, £10, Lisa Elliott Floral Design; book, £6, Focus on the Past; Bay terracotta pot, £10, Neptune. Bed, find similar at John Lewis & Partners. A Leaf and Butterfly Study linen cushion, £95, Designers Guild. Fleur kingsize kantha-style cotton bedspread, £105, Rebecca’s Aix Home. Bespoke hardwood chest of drawers in 1930s wallpaper, £2,800, Lorfords. Glass-framed butterflies, £95, No.52 Antiques & Interiors. Cloches, find similar at Maisons du Monde. Basket, find similar at Baileys Home.

If your entrance hall is large enough, think about adding a few touches of greenery. An indoor wreath is a surprising and wonderful element that never fails to provide a cheerful welcome.

Rustic birds and botanicals styled entrance hall
White rustic ladder, find similar at Barker and Stonehouse. Wreath, £POA, Lily Violet May. Early 19th-century painted chest, £2,250, Lorfords. Mid 20th-century silver-plated cake stand, £1,650, Brownrigg. Books, from £2 each, Bookbarn International. Blue and white bird detail teacup and saucer, £5, Rag & Bone Bristol. On cake stand: small galvanised plant pot, £8, Focus on the Past; terracotta pots, from £2 each, Anne Fowler; pink twine, £22.50 for a mini wooden crate with assorted spools, Nutscene; earthenware ink bottle, £5, Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair; jute twine, £4.40 for 500g, Bloomling; earthenware ink pot, £5, Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair; cut-glass vase, £8, Rachel’s & Michael’s Antiques. All flowers supplied by Lily Violet May.


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