Punchy primary hues and plenty of floral decorative details combine to embody the essence of Folk Art. This is the perfect decorating choice for those who enjoy a painterly style and joyful brushstrokes.

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Vintage screen-printed floral linen, £15, Parna. Knitted beaded fringe, £44 per m, Osborne & Little. Cushion cover, £32, Parna. Emerald Green Estate Emulsion paint, £46.50 per 2.5l, Farrow & Ball. White bowl and paintbrush, stylist’s own. Yellow Clouds fabric, £110 per m, Bethie Tricks. Miniature ale bowl, £750, Robert Young Antiques. Skittles and ball, £45, Ark Angel. Vintage painted plate, £17.50, Parna. Wooden eggs, £350 for a collection, Lorfords. Yellow garland, £6, Artique.


Moody Victorian is given a refresh with this season’s rust and monochrome palette. Tie an eclectic collection of classical busts, plaster models and Victorian silhouettes with patterned fabrics in a charming colourway to make your treasured finds take centre stage.

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Isla velvet in Fox fabric, £55 per m, Neptune. Freemasons’ Hall architectural sculpture, £150, Chisel & Mouse. Framed music print, £950 for set of 10, Lorfords. Scala black trim, £65 per m, James Hare. Classical plaque, £220, Lorfords. Pair of mini Beswick dogs, £35 for the pair, Rachel’s & Michael’s Antiques. Little Cress Raspberry fabric, £45 per m, Tori Murphy. Scallop Stripe Black fabric, £45 per m, Tori Murphy. Rajapur velvet fabric, £179 per m, Cole & Son. Plaster fragment (part of a collection), £240 for the set, Lorfords. Bark fabric, £130 per m, Bethie Tricks. Silhouette, £175 (for three members of Sulivan family, only one shown), Ray Best Antiques. Victorian silhouette of a young lady, £125, Graham Smith Antiques. Drummond Intelligent Matt Emulsion paint, £86 for 5l, Little Greene. White dish and paintbrush, stylist’s own. Victorian silhouette of a gentleman, £120, Graham Smith Antiques.


The classic colour scheme of blue and white never fails to feel fresh. Pair ornately detailed wallpapers and Delft tiles with touches of gold for a luxe effect that’s understated yet glamorous.

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Atlas by Neisha Crosland tile, £34.94, Fired Earth. The Transylvanian Manor La Voliere Indigo wallpaper, £150 for three rolls, Mind The Gap. Sunburst mirror with original convex glass, £180, Lorfords. Blue paperweight, £22, Rachel’s & Michael’s Antiques. Antique French ormolu and glass table wedding casket c1880, £325, Regent Antiques. Swan Delft tile c1640, £270.33, Regts Antique Tiles. Kiko brass foliage artwork, £16.95 for a set of three, Nkuku. Muette braid by Nina Campbell, £35 per m, Osborne & Little. Rare Flower Delft tile c1630, £292.86, Regts Antique Tiles. Buttons, from 15p each, The Button Queen. Kingfisher Delft tile c1630, £202.75, Regts Antique Tiles. Brass pandan box from Rajasthan c19th-century, £125, Indigo Asian Antiques & Interiors. Swan lapis blue fountain pen 1930, £250, Vintage and Modern Pens. Tapestry cotton jacquard fabric, £150 per m, Tori Murphy. Parker 61 Presidential 9ct gold fountain pen 1959, £675, Vintage and Modern Pens. Blue air bubbles paperweight, £22, Rachel’s & Michael’s Antiques.


The rich, earthy tones of natural materials imbue this look, which can be summed up simply as Arts and Crafts meets tribal. The handcrafted printer’s tray, abacus, spoon, plumber’s dollies and rattle provide strong anchor points for the bold fabrics and tiles.

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20th-century printer’s letter block made for Liberty, £195, Lorfords. African bowl, £15, Focus on the Past. Cappucino Cream sheepskin, £69, Skyeskyns. Brown and black Kuba cloth (275cm x 58cm), £750, Anne Fowler. Cow Parsley fabric, £99 per m, Cole & Son. Chelwood fabric by Nina Campbell, £68 per m, Osborne & Little. Antique treen sycamore cawl ladle c1860, £95; antique Japanese abacus c1880, £165; antique treen lignum vitae plumber’s dollies c1860, £65 for three, all J Collins & Son. Alhambra white tile, £6.48 each, Fired Earth. Opium fabric, £130 per m, Bethie Tricks. Oval braid, £53 per m, Osborne & Little. Handmade Classic Hexagon tile, £2.47 each, Fired Earth. Castle Moil Skye Classic Matt paint in dish, £46.50 for 5l, Isle of Skye Paint Company. Artist’s brush, £15, Lorfords. South African tribal rattle, £38, Trilogie. Terracotta tile with mustard motif, £68 for three, Ark Angel.

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Keep the promise of an Indian summer alive with Paisley-inspired textiles, plenty of teak and hand-carved elements alongside intricately decorated caskets and containers. Complete with turmeric yellow walls for everyday sunshine.

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Almora by Kravet fabric, £72 per m, GP & J Baker. Knitted beaded fringe, £44 per m, Osborne & Little. Hand-carved wooden bracket, £65, Artique. Dutch Orange paint, £46.50 for 2.5l, Farrow & Ball. White dish, stylist’s own. Artist’s brush, £15, Lorfords. Uchiwa Ochre cushion (only cover shown), £95, Designers Guild. Brass Buddha, £45; embroidered braid, £6 per m, both Artique. Hand-carved marble dish, £48, Indigo Asian Antiques & Interiors. Old Indian coins, 50p each, Artique. Gilded mirror-work octagonal box from Rajasthan c1900, £395; antique Indian bowl, £68, both Indigo Asian Antiques & Interiors. Wooden printed block, £3, Artique. Clouds fabric, £110 per m; Inky Spots fabric, £110 per m, both Bethie Tricks. 19th-century Indian parcel-gilt silver comb, £1,550, Michael Backman Ltd. Small gold buttons, from15p each, The Button Queen. Jahi gold bowl (containing peppercorns), £7.95, Nkuku. Vintage embroidered floral cushion, £25, Artique.