A candlestick has been a decorative staple for many years, as well as having an incredibly practical purpose before the invention of electricity.

Whether you collect beautiful antique pieces, can't resist vintage designs, or are simply looking for a traditional-style candlestick to add to your Christmas decór, there's not better way to incorporate warming light into your festive home.

Whether you want to add a romantic glow to your Christmas dinner table or add a bit of ambience to your mantel, here are some of our favourite candlesticks for the festive season!

Best candlesticks for Christmas

Zagora Candlestick

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Made in Morocco, this green pottery candlestick is simple in design but boasts a beautiful 'rough and ready' finish thanks to the traditional firing methods used.

Buy Zagora candlestick from Raj Tent Company (£18)

Vintage Moroccan Candlestick

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Handmade in Morooco, these elegant brass plated candlesticks have a more traditional style, perfect for a Christmas tablescape. Topped with a taper candle, you'll enjoy a wonderful warm glow.

Buy Vintage Moroccan candlestick from Raj Tent Company (£80)

Peacock Trio Candlestick Holder

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Why not be extravagant with your candlestick choice? This peacock design by Rockett St George is full of character and charm – perfect for a Christmas centrepiece. Plus, they look wonderful holding dramatic black candles!

Buy Peacock Trio Candlestick Holder from Rockett St George (£88)

Bedside Candlestand

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A classic shape, this brass candlestick will suit any decorative style, and with a drip tray at the base, you don't have to worry about wax getting everywhere!

Buy Bedside Candlestand from Angel & Boho (£14.50)

Palm Candlestick

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Inspired by pal leaves, this rustic metal candle has an antique feel about it, with individually painted leaves given the appearance of patina. This cast iron candlestick is 30cm in height, perfect alone or paired with other candlesticks or varying heights.

Buy Palm candlestick from RE (£23)

Mbata Brass Candlestick

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Simple and sophisticated, these antique black toned candlesticks have a wonderful uneven finish, giving them plenty of character. These ones come in three different sizes, so you can either buy one in your desired height, or buy one of each for an interesting display.

Buy Mbata brass candlestick from Nkuku (£25)

Recycled wooden candlesticks

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Something a bit different, this set of recycled wooden candlesticks have a vintage feel to them. They are hand carved so each one is slightly different – display them in a group or dotted around different spaces.

Buy Recycled wooden candlesticks from Design Vintage (£215)