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Sustainable Christmas wrapping ideas

Wrap your Christmas presents beautifully this year with our pick of the best sustainable Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Single use Christmas wrapping can be rather wasteful, especially ones that can’t even be recycled. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite sustainable Christmas wrapping options, including fabric gift wrap and reusable Christmas gift tags, to help you have a waste-free festive season.


Best sustainable Christmas gift tags

Sometimes gift tags can feel rather wasteful, despite them being useful for identifying the correct recipient of each Christmas gift. Here are a few eco-friendly options to avoid wasting lots of paper.

Plantable gift tags – Christmas tree shape, £4, from The Naughty Shrew

Buy plantable gift tags – Christmas tree shape from The Naughty Shrew

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Six wrapping charms – woodland animals, £5.25, from Cox & Cox

Buy six wrapping charms – woodland animals from Cox & Cox

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Mistletoe personalised reusable white wooden Christmas tags, £16, from Gorgeous Little Bits

Buy mistletoe personalised reusable white wooden Christmas tags from Gorgeous Little Bits

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Sustainable Christmas wrapping paper

You can’t really avoid using wrapping paper at Christmas. After all, how else would you conceal everyone’s gifts? There are some great sustainable alternatives available, from fabric gift wrap to 100% recyclable materials.

Festive firs cotton gift wrap, £6.95, from Liberty

Buy festive first cotton gift wrap from Liberty

Liberty cotton gift wrap

Reusable fabric Christmas gift wrap, £11, from Wearth London

Buy reusable fabric Christmas gift wrap from Wearth London

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Recycled kraft wrapping paper, £3.99, from Oxfam

Buy recycled kraft wrapping paper from Oxfam

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Fable forest Christmas wrapping paper, £9.95, from Nancy and Betty

Buy fable forest Christmas wrapping paper from Nancy and Betty

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

10 sheets of Christmas red and blue papers, £20, from Cambridge Imprint

Buy 10 sheets of Christmas red and blue papers from Cambridge Imprint

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Stag eco wrapping paper and gift tags, £3.50, from Bruce Bramfield

Buy stag eco wrapping paper and gift tags from Bruce Bramfield

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Woodland recycled wrapping paper, £6, from RSPB

Buy woodland recycled wrapping paper from RSPB

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Recycled wrapping paper and gift tags, £2.25, from And Keep

Buy recycled wrapping paper and gift tags from And Keep

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Christmas cottage eco gift wrap, from £5, from Katie Leamon

Buy Christmas cottage eco gift wrap from Katie Leamon

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap