How to create a spring tablescape

Dress up your table for spring with these styling tips from Trouva

TROUVA Spring Tablescapes with Mismatched ceramics, styled by Anna Barnett

As we step into Spring and with Easter on the horizon, interior-savvy shoppers will be looking for inspiration for their dining table decor. And is here to help with a series of tips.


Thanks to the growing popularity of informal dining, an increasing number of people are forgoing eating out for entertaining at home, and with #tablescape racking up almost a million posts on Instagram, it’s never been more important to create an Insta-worthy dinner table for guests.

Trouva’s Creative Brand Director Lucy Ward reveals her top table dressing tips, brought to life with beautiful tablescape imagery styled by author and cook Anna Barnett.

Hosting at home is more popular than ever and I’m a huge fan of relaxed dining, which leaves you less to fuss over and means you can mix and match all your favourite pieces. From jugs to serving platters, to glassware and cutlery, you can forget about the formal and more traditional approach and combine everything you love.
Anna Barnett

 Here, Lucy Ward, rounds up her top table dressing tips:


The art of layering

When creating a simple Spring table setting, use layers to create visual interest. Add height and texture to the dining table by layering dinner and side plates, bowls and napkins. Creating layered place settings with stacked crockery and napkins creates a contemporary look by giving depth to your dining table.

TROUVA Spring Tablescapes Layering ceramics


Forgo flowers

Forget florals and instead create a show-stopping edible centerpiece like an elegant pavlova or a seasonal spring cake for a truly Instagrammable table display. You can even use Spring foliage to decor your dessert to let it truly be the star of the show. See how to make this delicious chocolate and ginger cake here.

TROUVA Spring Tablescapes_Alternative centrepiece idea


Mismatched plates

Create that wow-factor by mixing and matching your dinner plates, side plates and bowls instead of sticking to traditional matching sets. This adds variety and interest to your table and allows you to showcase a breadth of different ceramic styles, like this statement Ella Hookway Side Plate or this splatter print Mini Pine Belovo Plate. Though the rules are few and far between, I recommend keeping the rest of the elements on your table, like cutlery and glassware, consistent to avoid overloading your table with different styles.

TROUVA Spring Tablescapes with Mismatched ceramics, styled by Anna Barnett


 Egg-lectic Easter gifts

Eclectic place settings are the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of Easter fun to your tablescape. As a nod to Easter, gift each of your guests a different egg cup to take home with them – my dinner guests will be taking home these Chicken Feet Egg Cups and these Liga Cork Cream Egg Cups. For alternative name place idea, fill each egg cup with an egg and write each guests’ name on it.

TROUVA Spring Tablescapes Eccentric gifts for guests


Adorn with artichokes

Dress your table with seasonal produce like artichoke heads, pears and lemons which make for fantastic alternative decor. Trail across your dining table for a modern, pared-down take on Spring dining. For a seasonal touch consider incorporating sprigs of rosemary into your table, especially if you’re serving up that traditional Spring dish of lamb.

TROUVA Spring Tablescapes natural produce


Find one-of-a-kind Easter treats

No Easter celebration is complete without sweet treats. Find a selection of unique, beautiful Easter eggs like this adorable Melt Chocolates Easter Bunny and dot them around your dining table to please any sweet toothed guests.

TROUVA Spring Tablescapes Fun Easter decor

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