Step-by-step guide to creating your own Christmas wreath

Can't find what you're looking for on the high street? Follow our simple step-by-step guide and create something truly unique

Homemade Christmas wreath with fresh flowers and foraged greenery

You Will Need

  • A wire wreath base
  • Florist's wire and garden twine
  • A selection of winter greenery such as moss, ivy, supple twigs, old man's beard, Most of which you can forage or buy from your local florist

Step 1

Feed your twigs into the wreath frame, securing each section in place as you go. Continue until the frame is covered. Plug gaps with dampened moss, which will act as a reservoir for the ivy and any other fresh greenery that you want to use as you build up the wreath. Stud with bright berries or architectural flowerheads, such as the thistles we’ve used.

Step 1 - Twigs, dampended moss, ivy and fresh foraged greenery secured to the base of a wreath frame

Step 2

Once you are happy with the arrangement, you can twist a string of battery-powered fairy lights around your creation. We also added a few silver-frosted twigs at this stage.

Step 2 - battery powered string lights are added along with silver-frosted twigs

Step 3

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but won’t last the season, so consider using faux versions instead. Arrange them in off-centre clusters to look natural and secure with wire.

Step 3 - Faux flowers are arranged in off-centre clusters to look natural

Step 4

Finally, add a ribbon and attach the wreath to your front door. Spray with water three or four times a week to keep the foliage fresh.

Homemade Christmas wreath with fresh flowers, foraged greenery and white bow

As seen in the December 2018 issue of Homes & Antiques.