How have you been finding the lockdown period and what sort of things have you been up to in the Chateau?

'It’s definitely been an interesting time. A lot of energy has been put into rearranging the weddings due to be held at the Chateau this year, some of which have been booked for years. But this period has also given us some incredible time together as a family, which was definitely unexpected as usually this would be the start of our wedding season. Our time has also been filled with making a new television show… and with no camera men here, it’s meant we've been both in front of, and behind, the cameras!'

Dick Strawbridge in the walled garden at the Chateau

Tell us a little about your new TV show and what viewers can expect?

Dick & Angel’s Make, Do & Mend is a four-part DIY and homecraft series filmed by us at the Chateau. We’ve had the privilege of speaking to families across the UK, looking for practical advice and imaginative ways to solve their DIY and design dilemmas using what they have to hand. It’s been great to connect with people, especially during this time, to help and give them motivation with their projects. We will also be tackling some of our own projects at the Chateau and trying out new pastimes to keep our family entertained.'

Dick and Angel launch a new 'Make, Do and Mend' TV series

Looking back on the five years since moving into the Chateau, which has been the most challenging project?

'There have been many challenges, but that’s just part of taking on a property like this. The rewards have been being able to create a life where we can run a business from our home and host special days for people while spending time together as a family. We’ve created the life we wanted and that’s our biggest achievement.'

The Chateau exterior CREDIT Claire Macintyre Photography
Claire Macintyre Photography

What is the most memorable moment from your renovation journey? Or a moment that made you want to give up?

'We’ve never had a giving up moment, that’s not what we do. The most memorable time was having all our friends and family together to celebrate our wedding at the Chateau.'


Angel, tell us a little about your relationship with antiques and vintage?

'I discovered a passion for vintage when I was little. During my teens, I started thrifting at local car boot sales which quickly turned into an addiction to hunting down glamourous old items. The Chateau is full of things I’ve collected over the years. The final look is also inspired by the Chateau itself. We discovered many hidden treasures in the attic and other areas of the property, which we have reclaimed and reused to bring the Chateau back to life. France is great for sourcing antiques and vintage finds thanks to the many brochantes and flea markets. I also love a good dig around a charity shop like Emmaus and shopping on eBay.'

Angel Strawbridge in the workroom at the Chateau

What’s the next project on the horizon?

'In terms of the Chateau, due to the current situation, we’re not sure what our next project will be... but the kids are desperate for a swimming pool!'


Is there anywhere you're desperate to visit (or something your desperate to do!) once lockdown is over?

'No, we love our home! But of course we’re always happy to be able to visit friends and family back in Britain, and enjoy a good curry.'