Interior designer Kelly Hoppen on her antique photo collection

Luxury interior designer Kelly Hoppen shares her most treasured possessions and interiors wish list

A portrait of Kelly Hoppen in a white jumpsuit

The first piece of furniture that I bought was a pine chest of drawers from Twentieth Century Classics on London’s Wandsworth Bridge Road.


The newest thing in my home is another photograph by German photographer Karl Blossfeldt to add to my collection. The oldest thing in my home is a Khmer stone sculpture from Cambodia, as I am an admirer of Eastern philosophy. It’s more than 2,000 years old and, although it’s really small, the spirit around the statue makes it feel much bigger.

My interiors wishlist changes every single day. But today, the Pop commode by American designer Kelly Wearstler is at the top. It’s a white chest of drawers with black handles and I just adore it. My favourite room in my home is my dressing room. I’ve always dreamt of having one, and I’ve been planning how it might look since first becoming a designer 40 years ago! Now that I finally have a dressing room of my own, it’s somewhere I can really escape and indulge myself.

This striking Pop commode is at the top of Kelly’s wishlist. Featuring statement black stainless steel spheres, to own one will set you back $19,995.

My most treasured possession is a photograph of my father. He passed away unexpectedly when I was only 16 and I was heartbroken. It’s the only picture that I have of him, so it’s incredibly special.

My home in one word? Luxury, or simply home. To me, it’s the most important place on Earth. My interiors at home are inspired by everything. I’m hugely influenced by my travels – I love to experience different cultures and take in the native architecture around me. I also find music incredibly inspiring. The most important thing is that a home has a sense of balance and calm.

I’m an avid collector of photography. I find photos fascinating and I’ve collected them my entire life. I have quite an eclectic mix in my home, from interesting pieces that have captured my eye, to personal photos that mean a lot to me. My brother actually owns a photography gallery and I always fall in love with something whenever I go there!

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On a free day you’ll find me spending time with my family, which always makes me happy. My daughter lives in the countryside with her husband and my amazing grandson, so if I can get away there for a day with my partner John, then I do. If I have a spare afternoon, I love to visit a gallery to switch off and get lost in an exhibition, or to go shopping and immerse myself in retail.


At the moment I’m reading The Edge by Michael Heppell. I’ve read Michael’s previous book Flip It, which really helped me to see things from a different perspective. The Edge takes this to a new level and explores how, once you’ve reached a certain echelon of success, you can sometimes think ‘OK, what now?’. It’s helping me to set new benchmarks and is inspiring me to always be one step ahead.