Head for the Mountains

3D Mountain mural
3D Mountain mural, £21 per sq m, Ever Wallpaper

If you long to be in the mountains and would love to wake up with a stunning view every day, why not go for a wallpaper such as this 3D Mountain mural? This graphic design would work in any room, but we think it would make a particularly breathtaking statement in a bedroom or study. The wallpaper is made from eco-friendly materials and can be customised to suit you.


Reach for the Stars

Star Fetcher wallpaper
Star Fetcher wallpaper, £25 per sq m, Ever Wallpaper

Star Fetcher is a unique wallpaper mural that imitates the night's sky. This beautiful design is perfect for a child's bedroom or playroom - who could resist this cute bear collecting stars in a jar? Position the wallpaper on the wall nearest the cot or bed to bring a peaceful and calming atmosphere at bedtime.

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Evoke an Industrial Vibe

Industrial Effect Rusty Red Textured wallpaper
Industrial Effect Rusty Red Textured wallpaper, £21 per sq m, Ever Wallpaper

The rustic look of textured wallpaper is a great way to give an old building a new lease of life. Not only does this Industrial Effect wallpaper have an earthy, natural feel to it, but it can also be used to evoke a sense of the building's past. This wallpaper is made to measure so will fit any space beautifully.

Dream of Exotic Climes

Vintage Trees mural
Vintage Trees, £25 per sq m, Ever Wallpaper

If you want to transport yourself to a more exotic landscape, choose a wallpaper bedecked with trees and wildlife. This decorating trend is particularly appropriate for people who want to make their home feel like a cosy oasis where they can escape after a long day at work. This Vintage Trees wall mural has been designed with a crane, birds, and trees against a neutral background to bring a graceful look to your home.

Feel Calm in a Hazy Pine Forest

Silhouette mural
Silhouette mural, £21 per sq m, Ever Wallpaper

When designing a space that feels both unique and stylish, an easy trick is to use a wallpaper with a dreamy silhouette. This way you can add interest in a soft way without cluttering up your space with an overload of pattern. Created with a green ombre watercolour effect, this Silhouette wallpaper features repeating pine trees in a hazy style, to bring a breath of fresh air to your scheme.

Pretty Pastels for Easy Elegance

Spring Scent mural
Spring Scent, £21 per sq m, Ever Wallpaper

Add a touch of joy and optimism with this elegant and eye-catching Spring Scent wallpaper mural. This type of pattern instantly brightens up your space with its soft palette and exuberant yet still very pretty design. This particular paper would look good anywhere, from a dining room to a bedroom to a dressing room to a hallway.

Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors

3D Sunshine Forest mural
3D Sunshine Forest, £21 per sq m, Ever Wallpaper

Another great design for a child's room - or in fact anyone who loves adventure - is this 3D Sunshine Forest mural. The light-dappled trees are just the thing to give your living space a wonderful feeling of expanse. Every time you look at this scene you will be transported instantly into nature!


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