Whether you have space beneath a window you're not sure what to do with or you need to implement some smart storage solutions that blend seamlessly into your interiors, a window seat is the perfect addition to any space.

From a cosy reading nook to a bench hiding some boring, yet essential, storage, there are plenty of fun ways to create a window seat you'll never want to get up from.

Here are eight beautiful window seat ideas so you can enjoy your view in comfort...

8 Window Seat Ideas

Combine a window seat with bookshelves to create a reading space

Window seat ideas

A lovely way to incorporate a window seat into your home is by creating a reading corner. This works especially well with horizontal windows, but you can make this work regardless. Add a bench beneath the window and add bookshelves on either side full of your favourite books and decorative items. If you want to take it one step further, painting the window seat and bookshelves in the same colour creates a cohesive space, much like Jeana of @hotcocoareads has done. 'I wanted a cozy window seat in my reading space so that I have a beautiful place to look up to when I need a pause in my reading' she says. The addition of plush cushions and dark, fabric curtains creates a welcoming zone for some peace and quiet where Jeana (and her cat) can relax and unwind.

Create storage under your window seat

Window seat ideas

If you're struggling with storage space in your home, a window seat might be the perfect solution. You can either add a simple box with a lifting lid as the seat, or for something more sophisticated, adding a set of draws beneath the seat not only adds plenty of storage, but also strengthens the whole structure. This widow seat from Sharps is a perfect example, featuring six decent size draws with a comfy, upholstered seat cushion for maximum comfort!

Opt for a window seat with a view

Window seat ideas
DEMO Architects. Photography by Sidney Bensimon

If you're lucky enough to have a big window looking over a beautiful view or natural scenery, a window seat is the perfect addition to enjoy it as much as you can. If you're desired window has an existing window sill like in this design by DEMO Architects, all you need to do is add some cushions, blankets and maybe even a few fairy lights, and you've got yourself a cosy nook to enjoy the view from.

Add a dining nook beneath a kitchen window

Window seat ideas
Tori Rubinson Interiors / Stephen Karlisch Photography / Melanie McKinley Stylist

Window seats can also be used in your dining room and kitchen to add seating, which is especially useful in smaller spaces. Whether you're adding a breakfast nook in an unused kitchen corner, or want to add a bit of cafe-chic to your dining room, a built in seat can really transform a space without blocking any light. If you're windows are set slightly higher, you should have enough space for a bench with a back rest, like in this kitchen nook by Tori Rubinson Interiors, and in kitchens with lower windows, adding just a bench-style window seat works perfectly well. Make sure to add some comfy cushions that match the room's colour scheme for a cohesive look.

Create a cosy corner

Window seat ideas

Our fury friends' comfort is important too, so creating a place for them to relax might come in the form of a window seat. When Leanne of @leanneandthecottage viewed her home 3 years ago, the window seat was the feature she fell in love with. 'I wanted to keep the window seat simple so it didn't take anything away from the window, but I made sure it was still usable' she says, explaining 'I painted it the same colour as the walls so it blends in with the living room and added some cushions and a sheepskin to keep it comfortable but not overcrowded. It's the perfect nosing and snoozing spot for the dogs.'

Build your own bay window seat

Window seat ideas

Nothing will suit your space more than a bespoke window seat built to fit and compliment your window. Bay windows can be particularly difficult to find furniture to fit in, but with some careful measuring and a creative view, you can create a gorgeous seat to relax on. Nick and Alicia created their window seat in the dining room where they had a bay window that wasn't being utilised in the space. If you're not sure where to start when it comes building your own, Nick and Alicia have a great step-by-step guide on their website.

Add a window seat to a social space

Window seat ideas
Kate Abt Design / Amy Bartlam Photography

Often, a window seat is created in a cosy corner, a quiet room or even in a hallway, but this doesn't have to be the case. You can add a window seat to the rooms you use most, such as a living room or kitchen, to create a more social space. This window seat by Kate Abt Designs has been added to a living room, so when entertaining, it can be used as additional seating for guests, and when no one is visiting, it can still be used as a space for reading, relaxing, or simply watching the world go by.

Elevate your en suite with a window seat

Window seat ideas

Who says you can't have a window seat in the bathroom? Though not typically a room you would associate with relaxing for the evening, we actually spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. When Emma of @emma_holmes_interiors was reconfiguring a dingy dressing room into her dream en-suite, a window seat was a priority to make the most of the gorgeous views from the bathroom window. 'A lot of time was spent considering the right height for the seat since the lower level of the window is quite high and we didn’t want to climb up to sit down. We sourced a local joinery company to make cupboard doors in the same style as the Porter vanity unit' says Emma, adding 'we love that it’s practical storage for lots of unsightly items and creates a sense of luxury at the same time. It also draws your eye across the beautiful floor tiles to the view outside.'