Choosing and buying a new sofa can be a daunting task. Finding something that suits your tastes, matches your interiors and is within your budget isn't always easy, but choosing a design that is as timeless as it is beautiful can make the task much easier.

A Chesterfield sofa is a wonderful choice. The Chesterfield design is one that has been a classic for centuries, and is as popular with designers today as it was in the Victorian era.

What is a Chesterfield sofa?

Chesterfield sofas have an incredibly distinctive design that separates them from other sofa styles. A Chesterfield sofa can be identified by its scroll-shaped armrests that are the same height as the backrest. They also usually feature button-back detailing on the backrest, and wooden feet, often rounded and detailed.

Traditionally, a Chesterfield sofa would be upholstered in a rich, dark leather, however nowadays you can find examples upholstered in almost any material, from velvet and wool to cotton and linen.

What era are Chesterfield sofas from?

The Chesterfield sofa was first created in the 1700s. Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, first commissioned this style of sofa when he was in need of seating for his guests, and so the design was aptly named after him.

Are Chesterfield sofas in style?

The Chesterfield sofa is a truly timeless design, so it never goes out of style. Plus, thanks to new designs, both classic and contemporary, you can find an example of a Chesterfield sofa to suit any interior aesthetic.

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From original antiques to traditional-style pieces, shop our edit of the best Chesterfield sofas...

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Ochre Gold Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: Three-seater 213 x 83cm
Material: Velvet
Colour: Ochre gold
Price: £1,950

For a statement Chesterfield sofa, look no further than this gorgeous yellow velvet creation from Rockett St George. An elegant, eye-catching design, this sofa features the classic Chesterfield button back, as well as stud-work detailing and traditional-style raised wooden legs.

Looking for a velvet sofa? You might also be interested in our round-up of the best velvet sofas.

Haverly Vegan Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: 194 x 90cm
Material: Vegan leather
Colour: Brown
Price: £719.99

Taking the traditional form of a classic Chesterfield sofa, this design is upholstered in vegan leather, and comes in this unique light brown colourway. Featuring button back detailing, scroll arms and a low-to-the-ground profile, this Chesterfield sofa is a truly timeless piece.

Stirling Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: Petit 190 x 102cm; midi 212 x 102cm
Material: 33 to choose from
Colour: Wide range available
Price: from £2,225

If you're looking for a Chesterfield sofa that you can customise to suit your style, this is sure to pique your interest. Available in 33 different materials and with plenty of colours to choose from, you can be certain you'll have a sofa tailored to you. Plus, it's available in two sizes, perfect for living rooms small and large!

Burnt Orange Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: Three-seater 245 x 100cm
Material: Velvet
Colour: Burnt orange
Price: £3,450

Another fabulous pick from Rockett St George, this burnt orange Chesterfield-style sofa has a contemporary edge with its more modern design, but it still boasts the wonderful, classic Chesterfield sofa elements we love and recognise. This colourway is certainly a statement, perfect for the maximalists among us!

Vintage Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: Three-seater 216 x 90cm
Material: Leather
Colour: Brown
Price: £3,795

Keep it classic with this vintage leather Chesterfield sofa, which looks as though it could be an original antique piece! The soft leather has an aged look to it, and the deep button back and detailed scroll arms offer comfort and traditional style. We particularly love the castor feet, including an additional one in the middle, reinforcing that classic Chesterfield design.

A two-seater version of this sofa is also available for £3,195 here.

Bagsie Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: Small 176 x 112cm; medium 211 x 112cm; large 241 x 112cm; extra large 271 x 112cm
Material: 8 available
Colour: 136 available
Price: from £2,045

Soft lines and a subtle pop of colour make this Chesterfield sofa from Loaf a lovely choice. The button back detail has been carried down to the top of the armrests, offering a sumptuous, cloud-like appearance. This one is available in eight different upholstery materials and over 100 colours, so you can create a sofa to suit any interior.

Rare Curved Front Chesterfield Club Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: 185 x 90cm
Material: Leather
Colour: Cigar brown
Price: £7,000

If you're searching for an authentic piece, this very rare vintage Chesterfield sofa should tick all your boxes. Dated to the 1960s and boasting this lovely curved front, it's a wonderfully unique design. Wear is consistent with its age, and has some minor fading, but we think that gives it charming character!

English Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: 190.5 x 86.36cm
Material: Leather
Colour: Cardovian oxblood
Price: £2,523.95

A classic English Chesterfield sofa, this vintage offering has been upholstered in a fabulous oxblood or cordovan leather. Featuring large English scrolled arms, a tufted leather seat, arms, and back, as well as brass tacks or nail-head accents, it doesn't get more authentic than this! The leather has a subtle yet desirable patina with dark and light colouration.

Harrington Chesterfield Sofa

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: Two-seater 154 x 93cm; three-seater 205 x 93cm; four-seater 265 x 93cm
Material: 33 to choose from
Colour: Wide range available
Price: from £1,728

Handmade in the UK, the Harrington Chesterfield sofa offers timeless design and classic Chesterfield details. This sofa stands out thanks to its customisable options – not only can you choose from different fabrics and colours, but you can take it one step further with contrast piping and studding.

Teal Velvet Chesterfield Sofa With Stud Detail

Best Chesterfield Sofas

Size: Three-seater 214 x 86cm
Material: Velvet
Colour: Teal
Price: £2,350

Teal is the perfect way to inject colour while maintaining timeless appeal. This sofa has all the details typical of a Chesterfield, but with a slightly more angular profile – it's the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary.

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