The idea of a wool duvet might conjure an image that is completely at odds with a good night's sleep – hot and scratchy rather than warm and comforting – but the truth is very different. Designed with simple cotton casings, wool duvets look just like their down, feather or synthetic cousins (an insulating filler sewn into a fabric outer, which is then used with a standard duvet cover), but in terms of performance, they have emerged as a winning choice across a range of criteria, from warmth and comfort to sustainability and practicality.


For anyone who suffers from broken sleep due to overheating, wool is the ideal choice for bedding: breathable and moisture-wicking, it is an excellent heat regulator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool's natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties also make it a good choice for allergy sufferers, especially those with eczema and asthma. And for ecologically minded consumers, many of the leading brands use wool that is not only organic, but also fully traceable, so you can sleep, safe in the knowledge that the fleece keeping you warm at night has come from a well cared for sheep. And, if you want to upgrade your wool-filled duvet, but have no one to take it off your hands, it is also fully biodegradable.

One of the common frustrations of feather and down duvets is the way the filler ends up unevenly distributed within the outer casing. This is not an issue with wool duvets as the carding process that forms part of the production of a wool duvet means the wool remains securely in place. And, on a practical note, the latest wool processing methods mean that some of the wool duvets on the market are machine washable, while others can be dry cleaned. Although those excellent antibacterial properties mean that airing rather than washing is all a wool duvet really needs to keep it in tiptop condition: all the companies in our list recommend regular airing, ideally outside on a sunny day.

So, having long-languished in the shadow of seemingly more practical synthetic alternatives, wool is enjoying a renaissance as an excellent choice for bedding, with wool mattresses and pillows increasing in popularity alongside fleece-filled duvets. Click through for our guides to the best wool pillows, mattress toppers and mattresses.

Review: Best Wool Duvets

The Woolroom Chatsworth Collection

Woolroom has three duvet ranges: Classic Collection; Chatsworth Collection; Organic Washable Collection. All are available in four weights (light, medium, warm and all season) and standard sizes from single to superking, with the Chatsworth also available in emperor. Prices from £79.99.

Customer rating online: 4.8/5

We tested the Chatsworth Collection Duvet, medium/7-10 tog, kingsize, £244.99

They say:

Better sleep, naturally, is the Woolroom's mission statement, and the new Chatsworth Collection duvets are part of a collaboration with Chatsworth House, made with wool from the historic estate's flock of sheep. As with the rest of the company's range, Woolroom says the Chatsworth Collection duvets are temperature regulating, naturally hypoallergenic, machine washable, and the wool is fully traceable British wool which, along with the organic cotton outer case, are proven to deliver the very best, natural night’s sleep. The company supports British farmers by only using British wool and offer customers a 30-day sleep guarantee for their wool sleep system (any protector or topper, any duvet and any pillow).

Our review:

The duvet, packed in a sturdy cotton canvas bag, felt much lighter and smaller than expected for a medium-weight, kingsize duvet. At first we thought a single duvet had been sent by mistake. But once out of the bag, it was clearly a kingsize, just much less bulky than the spring/summer half of the all-seasons duvet it was replacing.

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Although the cotton case felt incredibly smooth and luxurious, it was cool to the touch which raised concerns that it wouldn't be warm enough. However, the slimmer profile of the duvet gave it more drape, so it lay closer to the body, which felt more comfortable than my old duvet and made up for the lack of instant heat. I had been warned that wool duvets take a bit of getting used to, and are slower coming up to temperature, but on a coolish summer evening the duvet warmed up quickly enough, and I didn't overheat later, which was a common problem with my old synthetic duvet. In the morning, I woke feeling refreshed.

The medium weight proved the ideal choice throughout a British summer and autumn, and has been fine this winter with the occasional addition of a thin throw and a hot water bottle on the coldest nights.

Woolroom is the pioneer when it comes to washable wool duvets, but I have yet to put this to the test – chiefly because I don't want to use my old duvet again!

Pros: Looks really lovely and feels very luxurious. All products come in attractive reusable unbleached calico bags, perfect for storing the duvet if you opt to buy two different weights to swap out at different times of year. Woolroom suggests they can be used as quirky shopping bags. Woolroom offers a 30-night trial on certain products including all the duvets.

Cons: Less lofty than feather and down duvets, so the duvet sometimes moves around inside the cover. Some customers have mentioned that it rustles a little, but I didn't notice this.

Devon Duvets

Devon Duvets

Devon Duvets come in five different weight options: lightweight, medium, all season and warm winter, as well as a three-duvets section pack, which allows customising for couples. All are available in standard sizes from single to emperor. Prices from £110.

Customer rating online: N/A

We tested the King Wool Duvet 600 GSM Medium (Winter) Weight 8-14 Tog duvet, £170

They say:

Our fantastic natural duvet collection offers you plenty of choice in terms of weight, filling and size, including limited-edition 100% British alpaca wool duvets, which are available at certain times of the year, based on the availability of British alpaca wool (you'll see them listed on our site when they are available). Meanwhile, our Three Duvets bedding solution allows couples to each have the filling and tog rating of their choice but still share one duvet. Each duvet is individually handcrafted by our talented seamstresses, here in Devon. Our wool duvets, are breathable and help to regulate your body temperature whilst you sleep, keeping you cool during the warmer months, but also lovely and warm when it's cold, creating a perfect sleeping environment. They are great for night sweats too, helping you to get a more restful sleep.

Our Review:

The duvet impressively arrived within a matter of days of ordering it, neatly rolled and packed inside a biodegradable plastic bag within a double cardboard box. A leaflet with my duvet told me the seamstress was Norma, and that a lavender sachet had been included for my linen closet, which I thought was a lovely extra touch.

lavender sachet

On taking the duvet out of its packaging I was aware of a definite wooly scent, which I wasn’t sure whether I liked, but my husband on the other hand loved the aroma and said it smelled ‘wholesome and natural’. The duvet felt decently heavy despite seeming on the thinnish side. In winter I’m used to sleeping under two (synthetic) duvets, each with a Tog rating of 10.5, so I was nervous about swapping these for just the one duvet.

Fitting the wool duvet inside a cover was straightforward – no more or less of a struggle than usual. I was impressed that the filling felt evenly distributed all the way through, and the information that came with the duvet said it doesn’t need shaking – a welcome relief after having goose down duvets in the past which needed constant shaking to redistribute the feathers that had worked their way down to the bottom. There are little cotton ties in each corner of the duvet so you can tie an extra duvet on for very cold houses, or for those who like to sleep with a window open. You can buy a winter and summer duvet as a set for £300 for a kingsize, or buy them separately.

Testing out the duvet, I was aware of a comforting sense of weight and instant warmth. It certainly matched the double duvet combo I was enjoying before. The only downside was the subtle whiff of lanolin that I could still detect through the duvet cover but after three nights I’m either used to it or the smell has thankfully disappeared.

Out of interest I’ve since tried to go back to my old duvet duo but they felt thin and do actually slip off each other in the night. I can honestly say I much prefer the warmth, weight and feel of my new wool duvet. I’ve been converted! As I’ve only had my wool duvet for a few nights, I’m yet to say whether it helps me sleep more deeply but it has all the right ingredients…

Pros: Can be customisable for couples who need different levels of warmth. All duvets are washable and should not be dry cleaned. We liked the lavender sachet, speed of delivery and the details of the maker.

Cons: Slight smell of lanolin for the first few days.


Naturalmat wool duvet

Naturalmat's Organic Wool Duvet is available in two weights: 300g and 500g, equivalent to summer and autumn/winter, and four standard sizes from single to superking. Prices from £110.

Customer rating online: 4/5

They say:

Our organic wool duvets are something very special, as they offer natural insulation and breathability having a much lower profile, taking up less space. All our organic wool duvets are handmade at the same factory as our mattresses and beds. They are completely chemical-free, diamond-shaped quilted and come in two weights: 300g, equivalent to 3-5 tog, and 500g, equivalent to 6-8 tog.

Our Review:

The duvet arrived, four days after ordering, to huge fanfare – particularly from the cat, who was thrilled by its more ‘solid’ form and – presumably, the inherent warmth of the wool. My husband was also delighted by how perfectly it fitted into the cover – something he’d given up on hoping to achieve with our usual synthetic duvet. There were no ‘flappy’ bits to be seen. Its packaging was neat too – arriving in a 100 per cent natural cotton sack, complete with two complementary sachets of Good & Proper tea and a Naturalmat notebook.

I was initially sceptical of its thin profile – and the fact that its tag stated that its weight equated to just 6-8 Togs – and wondered if I’d find it less cosy than our usual 10.5 Tog number. On testing it, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was far warmer than I’d imagined – an impressive feat given its slight profile. But while my husband found it a perfect temperature – and loved the heavier, more enveloping feel of it – I didn’t find it as snug as our usual duvet, which I had to revert back to on particularly cold nights. Naturalmat does suggest buying another duvet and attaching the two together (each duvet has cotton ties around the edges) when temperatures plummet. Attaching a 300g summer duvet to this 500g spring/autumn weight could be the answer for winter months.

I’ve only had the duvet for less than week but have found that it rustles a bit – which might be something that eases over time. For now, I’ll be sticking with my warmer synthetic duvet but I'm excited to try Naturalmat again when the temperatures rise: I love the fact that it's chemical free and the weight is comforting. Plus, the fact that the duvet stays in place inside the cover is pretty special, too.

Pros: The duvets come with handy ties, which means that two duvets can be tied together in your preferred combination (two 300g or 300g with a 500g, or two 500g), to create customised weight and warmth. We love how it fits perfectly inside the cover and stays put – no shaking or rearranging necessary. The weight is impressive – and comforting – too.

Cons: Dry clean only. I found that it rustles slightly and the 6-8 Tog didn't feel quite warm enough on its own during the cold snap.

Other Wool Duvets to Consider


Baavet duvets are available in four weights : super lightweight, lightweight, medium and winter. All are available in sizes from single to super king. Prices from £104.

Customer rating online: majority of reviews on website are 5 star

They say:

Baavet is a small family-run company operating from a traditional hill farm in Snowdonia. Their wool duvets are made using the finest natural materials, 100% British wool fillings and 100% pure cotton casings. The natural antibacterial properties of wool, along with its inherent ability to regulate both temperature and moisture, create the best possible conditions for a healthy natural night’s sleep. No chemicals, no fire retardants, no man-made fibres. Just perfect.

Pros: Money back guarantee if your sleep is not improved after 30 days. Can be hand-washed.

Cons: Hard to judge as we haven't tested the products, but the website could be more informative.


Floks Wool Duvet is available in three weights (winter, summer and all-season) and five standard sizes from single to emperor. Prices from £160.

Customer rating online: 4.8/5 (Trustpilot)

They say:

The Floks Wool Duvet will give you a better night’s sleep by helping to regulate your body temperature and protecting against allergens. If that isn’t enough, it’s also sustainable, organic and made in the UK, using traceable wool that has been cared for from grassland to dreamland. Floks duvets are designed, manufactured and finished in the UK and feature luxurious, soft and sustainable organic cotton cases with 'easy-fit' corners for better bed making.

Pros: The easy-fit corners make getting the cover back on easier.

Cons: Dry clean only.

Ava Innes

Ava Innes Luxury Cashmere & Wool duvets are available in three weights (light summer, all-year-round and heavy winter) and standard sizes from single to superking. The three duvet weights equate to light summer 4-7 tog, year-round 8-11 tog, heavy winter 12 tog. Prices from £269.

Customer rating online: 5/5

They say:

It’s time to invest in your rest with luxury cashmere duvets from Ava Innes. Our duvets are unique - filled with the perfect blend of cashmere guard hair and British wool to help you achieve the ultimate night’s sleep. Choose our natural alternative to common synthetic or feather bedding products and sleep under naturally weighted bedding encased in 100% certified organic cotton that is also machine washable. Our duvets’ qualities are endless with customers commenting on the temperature regulating and breathable nature of our duvets. We offer three collections of our duvets - 'All Year Round', 'Light Summer' or 'Heavy Winter'. Find your perfect duvet to achieve a great night’s sleep, night after night. We recognise the struggle of some couples who differ in their preference of duvet weights. This is why we offer bespoke combinations at Ava Innes, using ties and loops to connect the different weighted duvets, in King and Super King sizes.

Pros: Duvets can be machine washed or dry cleaned. Ava Innes don't recommend too much washing and suggest airing in natural sunlight is the best way to ensure bedding stays fresh. Loop and tie system that allows a double duvet to be fully customisable for a couple with different preferences.

Cons: Most expensive on the market.

Soak & Sleep

Soak & Sleep wool duvets are available in four weights: Summer warmth, Spring/Autumn warmth, Winter warmth and All seasons (Summer + Spring/Autumn Warmth). All are available in five sizes from from cot bed duvets through to Superking size. Prices from £45

Customer rating online: 4.8/5

They Say:

Move over superfoods, the time has come for the super-fibre: wool. Our duvets are made from 100% Mitchell wool from New Zealand, which will save you from a bad night’s sleep with its breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and grade A temperature regulating properties.

Pros: Comes with a 5 year guarantee and we like the option of the smaller, cot-size design.

Cons: We haven't tested this brand so we can't comment.

Piglet In Bed

Piglet In Bed Merino Wool duvets are available in two weights: Lighter (4-6 Tog,) and Warmer (8-10 Tog). Both are available in four sizes from single to Superking size. Prices from £108

Customer rating online: N/A

They Say:

Our natural duvets are filled with 100% Merino wool, a natural fibre from free-range flocks of Merino sheep in France and Spain. Merino wool is thinner and much softer than other wool, making it easier to wear close to the skin. Used in a duvet, Merino wool is breathable and allows air to circulate around your body while you sleep, regulating your temperature and keeping you dry and sweat-free. It is also naturally dust mite free, making it hypoallergenic – dust mites need a warm, moist environment to survive and because it is cool and dry, wool is a hostile environment.

Pros: Corner loops allow the duvet to be attached inside the Piglet In Bed range of duvet covers to prevent duvets slipping. Air wash four times a year.

Cons: Hard to judge as we haven’t tested this yet.

Southdown Duvets

Southdown Duvets

Southdown Duvets Duvets come in five weights: Ultra Light 2-4 Tog, Lambkin light 4-5 Tog, Regular 7.4 Tog, Wooly Mammoth 8-10Tog and Yeti 11-13 Tog. All are available in eleven sizes from single to Emperor including IKEA sizes. Prices from £145

Customer rating online: 5/5

They Say:

Of all the types of wool in the world, only British Southdown wool really excels in bedding. The very dense nature of the Southdown wool gives it a cloud-like bouncy texture – or loft – which no other wool can offer. Although Southdown sheep are also bred in France and Spain, only the wool from British Southdown sheep exhibits this characteristic. With only 3,000 pedigree Southdown ewes currently in the UK, there is a limit to how may duvets we can make each year – Southdowns are small sheep and yield only 2-2.5kg per shearing.

Pros: Wide range of duvet sizes including duvets for IKEA beds and bedlinen.


Cons: Hard to judge as we haven’t tested this yet.