What is the traditional third anniversary gift?

The traditional gift for the third wedding anniversary is Leather for its durable, flexible and warming properties. These characteristics are said to represent this stage of marriage, symbolising the strength and safety married couples give to each other.


What is the modern third anniversary gift?

Crystal or glass are the modern third anniversary gifts due to the clarity and transparency of the material, symbolising the depth of knowledge a married couple has for one another. Other reasons include natural crystals that symbolise different meanings, the likes of rose quartz and pink kuznite being the stones of love and romance.

To get you started, here are a selection of third anniversary gift ideas that are both thoughtful and sentimental...

8 leather anniversary gift ideas

Leather Memory Box

Leather third anniversary gift

After three years of married life together, you're bound to have amassed many memories together. A lovely gift for your third anniversary, this leather memory box is the perfect place to keep memorabilia and memories in one place. Fill it up before you give it to your partner, or leave it empty ready for them to fill with their favourite things!

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Personalised Leather Bookmark

Leather third anniversary gift

If your other half is an avid reader, this leather bookmark is a lovely gift. Created using full grain Italian leather and finished with a suede leather cord, you can personalise it to make it that extra bit special. Choose the font used for the engraved message and add your initials and wedding date to commemorate your third wedding anniversary.

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Personalised Leather Jacket Biscuit Gift

Leather third anniversary gift

Switch things up for your leather anniversary with a fun personalised biscuit. Depicting a leather jacket, you can create a personal message of up to 20 characters to be iced on to the biscuit. Delicious and thoughtful!

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Personalised 3rd Anniversary Leather Jewellery Case

Leather third anniversary gift

Perfect for anyone who loves to travel, this leather jewellery case is a beautiful third anniversary gift, ideal for storing your precious jewels when you travel. Personalise with your initials, wedding date and third anniversary date!

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Leather Playing Cards Box Set

Leather third anniversary gift

Whether your spouse loves a game of poker or dabbles in drinking games, this leather playing cards set is a fun first for your third anniversary. Handcrafted from tan leather, you can personalise the case with you initials. You can also choose to have it arrive beautifully wrapped, so it's ready to give to your partner straight away!

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Leather & Saffron Candle

Leather third anniversary gift

Manufactured using natural beeswax and rapeseed oil, this leather and saffron candle is not only a lovely gift, but it's also paraffin-free. With masculine undertones and a musky fragrance, this is a beautifully romantic scent for your home, fitting for your third anniversary.

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Leather Classic Notebook in Bordeaux Red

Leather third anniversary gift

Part of Moleskin's classic collection, this notebook is crafted using Italian leather and inspired by notebooks used by artists and writers of the past. With rounded corners, a matching bookmark ribbon and elastic closure, this is a wonderful leather anniversary gift.

Buy Leather Classic Notebook in Bordeaux Red from Moleskin (£26.99)

Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne Intense

Leather third anniversary gift

Give your partner a gift they will be reminded of everyday with this Bronze Wood 7 Leather scented cologne from Jo Malone. With a top notes of grapefruit and leather and a heart note of bronze wood, this is a gorgeous scent for everyday.

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5 crystal & glass anniversary gift ideas

Dartington Heavyweight Handblown Crystal Whisky Decanter

Crystal third anniversary gift ideas

Here's a third anniversary gift for the whisky drinkers! This handmade crystal decanter features a specially shaped base to reflect the light across the glass sides and the heavy bade reduces the chances of knocking it over. Handy for when the drinks start flowing!

Buy Dartington Heavyweight Handblown Crystal Whisky Decanter from Farrar & Tanner (£55)

Natural Pink Kunzite Crystal

Crystal third anniversary gift ideas

If you want to take the modern third anniversary gift literally, why not by your spouse a crystal? This pink kunzite Crystal is said to strengthen unconditional love and loving communication. Sounds like the perfect gift to celebrate three years of marriage!

Buy Natural Pink Kunzite Crystal from Shamans Crystal (£22.99)

Rose Quartz Prism Sphere Necklace

Crystal third anniversary gift ideas

This crystal necklace is a beautiful third anniversary gift. Featuring a gold bobble chain available in two lengths, the rose quartz pendant is a stone of unconditional love, perfect to give to your partner.

Buy Rose Quartz Prism Sphere Necklace from Abbot Lyon (£32.50)

Norlan Whisky Glass (set of 2)

Crystal third anniversary gift ideas

How unique is the shape of this glass? This double-walled whisky glass has been carefully designed to enhance your favourite whisky, elevating the flavours and aromas for a wonderful experience.

Buy Norlan Whisky Glass (set of two) from Norlan (£36)

Swarovski Crystal Society Membership

Crystal third anniversary gift ideas

For something a bit different, a gift membership to Swarovski's Crystal Society is a unique gift. As a member, you get access to benefits such as exclusive products and gifts, insider information and unique experiences. It's the anniversary gift that keeps on giving!


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