What are gluggle jugs?

Recognisable by their traditional koi fish design, gluggle jugs are popular ceramic vessels that make a 'glugging' sound as liquid is poured from them.


The open mouth of the fish forms the opening for pouring, the fishtail curves around to create the handle, and engraved facial features, scales and fins add to the overall finish.

Although gluggle jugs are created to be used as such, many people choose to use them as vases; large blooms in contrasting colours look eye-catching displayed on a mantelpiece or as a dining table centrepiece.

Where are gluggle jugs made?

Originally known as Glug Glug Jugs, they were first made by Thomas Forester & Son in Staffordshire during the late 1800's, but it was the adaptations created by the Dartmouth Pottery, designed to look like a fish and aptly named Gurgling Fish Jugs, that are more recognised (and replicated) today.

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Where to buy gluggle jugs


Gluggle Jugs

If it's colour options you're after, glugglejugs.co.uk have 16 to choose from, one of which is duck egg blue, exclusive to the site. These large gluggle jugs are approximately 27cm in height, so you'll be able to use these for an array of things, from utensil storage to a sharing jug at dinner.

Buy a gluggle jug from glugglejugs.co.uk

Oliver Bonas

Gluggle Jugs

Perhaps the most popular with customers of the recent market offerings, Oliver Bonas's range of gluggle jugs has brought these ceramics back to the forefront of homeware trends. Made from vitrified porcelain, these jugs are £27, available in cobalt blue, green, pink and yellow, and as demonstrated in the image, they look wonderful filled with dried flowers and foliage.

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The Original Gluggle Jug

Gluggle Jugs

For an original gluggle jug, choose from one of the 14 colour-ways on offer. The key differences that are noticeable compared to contemporary remakes is all in the detail – with a close look you'll see the engravings are quite different. As well as an extensive colour selection, there are three different sizes to choose between: mini, large and extra large.

Buy a gluggle jug form The Original Gluggle Jug

Graham & Green

Gluggle Jugs

Well-known for their quirky homewares, Graham & Green have brought their own gluggle jugs to the market, offering eight colours, starting at £39. The engravings on these ones are particularly detailed, especially on colours such as grey and teal.

Find out how to decorate with teal here.

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Gluggle Jugs

As with all popular home décor items, Etsy has a fabulous selection of gluggle jugs on offer from independent sellers. You'll have to make sure you read the descriptions carefully, but this a great way to get your hands on new or pre-loved jug.


Buy a gluggle jug from Etsy