What is paisley?

Paisley is a decorative design used in fabric production and features on items varying from clothing and accessories to furniture and wallpaper. Paisley has a distinctive, curved feather-shaped pattern based on Indian pine-cone design.


Why is it called paisley pattern?

Paisley pattern is named after a Scottish town called Paisley. From around 1850, the town produced paisley shawls on a large scale due to an increase in demand.

Paisley pattern fabrics

Tiger’s Eye linen in Black

What is paisley

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Orissa velvet fabric in Burgundy

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Deco paisley Tana Lawn cotton

Paisley fabric

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Paisley pattern wallpaper

Paisley circles wallpaper in blue

What is paisley

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Boteh blush wallpaper

Boteh blush paisley wallaper G&B

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Pomegranate prophet paisley wallpaper

paisley wallpaper

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Paisley pattern homeware

Dreams & Drapes Maduri Paisley Quilted Bedspread

paisley homeware

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House of Hickin jacquard paisley throw

paisley homeware

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