Whatever the size and style of your garden, a planter will rarely go amiss. After all, few things transform an area into a living space quite like a plant. As well as offering an injection of life-giving colour, they literally give life, oxygenating and purifying the air around them. It’s small wonder that people have been potting up plants since ancient times.


While simple terracotta was the ruling material for millennia – indeed, it remains a popular choice today – it is the innovations that began in the 18th century that will interest the antiques collector.

It was then that designers, including Josiah Wedgwood, began to popularise ornate planters in ceramic and metal over more functional options. Of course, utilitarian styles have their own appeal, as modern pots of plastic and concrete design prove.

Whether you're looking to make a statement with a large planter or create a cluster of small pots, here we have brought together a range of our favourites from this season.

Best planters for your garden

Vence Tall Planter

Steel garden planter

For something long-lasting, a metal planter is always a good idea. This planter from Garden Trading has a vintage-inspired appearance with a ribbed exterior. With two size options to choose from, it's a great planter for trees.

Buy Vence Tall Planter from Garden Trading (£45)

Large Terracotta Garden Pot

Terracotta plant pot

Keep it classic with a terracotta garden plant pot. Made from high-quality terracotta with a drainage hole in the base, this planter will age beautifully over time.

Buy Large Terracotta Garden Pot from Gardenesque (£134.99)

Endo Reclaimed Iron Planter

Best planters

Sticking with the metal theme, these planters from Nkuku are made from reclaimed iron, originally used as storage drums. The reclaimed materials give these planters a fabulous rustic look.

Buy Endo Reclaimed Iron Planter from Nkuku (£63)

Large Rustic Stone Effect Lion Head Planter

Lion head planter

Make a statement with this impressive lion head planter. The rustic stone aesthetic makes this planter look much older than it is, and will look show-stopping whether it's filled with plants or used simply as a garden statue!

Buy Large Rustic Stone Effect Lion Head Planter from Rockett St George (£125)

Ivyline Bola Outdoor Composite Stone Planter

Garden planter

For maximum durability, this composite stone planter can withstand all weather conditions, from scorching sunshine to cold frost, so you can leave them outside all year round. The naturally weathered look and texture looks beautiful filled with blooms!

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Buy Ivyline Bola Outdoor Composite Stone Planter from John Lewis (£49.99)

Garden Trough Planter

Trough planter

Perhaps what comes to mind when you think of a garden planter, this trough-style option is made from innovative fibreclay, making it both durable and lightweight. This planter looks great filled with an array of greenery and placed against a fence or garden wall.

Buy Garden Trough Planter from Gardenesque (£59.99)

Affiti Clay Planter

Clay garden planter

For something extra special, these clay pots have been handmade in Vietnam, using traditional coiling techniques. We love the rustic finish on these, perfect for displaying amongst your garden antiques!


Buy Affiti Clay Planter from Nkuku (£38.50)