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Best overmantle mirrors for your living room

Make your fireplace the focal point of your living room with one of these overmantle mirrors. From decadent gold designs to simple neutral tones, there's something for every interior style in our round-up.

Best overmantle mirrors

What is an overmantle mirror?

An overmantle mirror is a large mirror displayed above the mantelpiece. Usually a feature of the living room, they are often decorative and help to bounce light around the room.


When did overmantle mirrors become popular?

Overmantle mirrors were at the height of their popularity during the regency period (1811-1820). From that period, overmantle mirrors remained a home feature during both the Georgian and Victorian eras.

Should you put a mirror above a fireplace?

The fireplace is typically the focal point of a room, so putting a mirror above a fireplace helps the room to feel lighter and bigger. Adding a overmantle mirror can also make the room look taller if you get the sizing correct.

How big should a mirror over a fireplace be?

The standard size for an overmantle mirror is two thirds the length of the fireplace. We wouldn’t recommend going any smaller that that, but by all means, go for something even bigger. An oversized mirror can really make a space.

Best overmantel mirrors

Large estee overmantle mirror, £294, from La Maison Chic

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Best overmantle mirrors

Zehra mirror in silver, £286, from Fy!

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Best overmantle mirrors

Decorative vintage overmantle mirror, £250, from John Lewis

Buy decorative vintage overmantle mirror from John Lewis

Best overmantle mirrors

Camilla mantel mirror, £298, from Anthropologie

Buy Camilla mantel mirror from Anthropologie

Best overmantle mirrors

Tariku reclaimed wood mirror, £595, from Nkuku

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Best overmantle mirrors

Antique bronze finish orb mirror, from £630, Reid & Wright

Buy orb mirror from Reid & Wright

Best overmantle mirrors

Gallery direct thornby mirror, £128, from Olivia’s

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Best overmantle mirrors

Saffron overmantle mirror, £185, from Perch & Parrow

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Best overmantle mirrors

Art Deco antiqued gold mirror, £192.95, from Melody Maison

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Best overmantle mirrors

Bogart convex mirror in antiqued gold, £265, from Pooky

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Best overmantle mirrors