Stylish and practical, range cookers are a popular appliance in British homes. Particularly favoured in period homes, range cookers offer a classic appearance, making them a fitting choice to blend old and new without sacrificing function. Whether you're creating a country kitchen aesthetic or simply want to add a touch of old in a new cooking space, a range cooker could be the answer you're looking for...

What is a range cooker?

A range cooker is a free-standing cooker with a hob on the top, at least two ovens and usually a grill. Some also offer warming trays, storage sections and extra compartments.

Why is it called a range cooker?

The reason for its name 'range cooker' is really quite simple. It comes from the fact that this type of cooker offers a range of sections to choose from and use. Multiple ovens, a grill, hob and additional compartments mean you can make a range of dishes in a variety of ways.

How much should you spend on a range cooker?

A range cooker is certainly an investment piece, but there are different options depending on your budget. Brands such as Bush and Beko offer range cookers around the £500 mark if you're looking for something on the simpler side, but if you'd prefer a classic, high spec option, you'll want to spend a bit more.

Aga and Rangemaster are two of the industry leaders, with prices starting at £1000 up to £20,000. It's best to figure out what size cooker you can fit in your kitchen and what you are likely to use before you buy. How many ovens do you need? Do you need a warming tray? This is the best way to decide on the range cooker model you need and assess what price point you are looking at.

Our edit of stylish range cookers vary from sleek, stainless steel professional ovens to classic enamelled AGAs. Which is your favourite?

Best range cookers under £5000

Smeg Victoria TR4110 range cooker

TR4110 Victoria dual fuel cooker, from £2,299, Smeg

Smeg are well-known for their reliable appliances, so it comes as no surprise their range cooker is in our round up. The classic Victoria cooker has seven burners and three ovens, as well as a storage compartment and vapour cleaning function.

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Buy Smeg Victoria TR4110 range cooker from Marks Electrical (£2,819)

Rangemaster ELS110EIMG Elise Electric Induction Range Cooker

Best range cookers

If you don't need quite so many sections, this Rangemaster range cooker is a lovely choice, especially in this gorgeous green tone. Featuring two ovens, five burners, a glide-out grill and telescopic shelves, you've got everything you need to cook up a storm in the kitchen!

Buy Rangemaster ELS110EIMG Elise Electric Induction Range Cooker from Marks Electrical (£3,599)

Smeg Portofino CPF92GM Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Best range cookers

Keep it chic with a dark colour for your range cooker. This Smeg offering is part of their Portofino range, inspired by the Italian Riviera, and features a six burner gas hob as well as two ovens. It's also a great option if you're looking for something easy cleaning with its antacid lining reducing the amount of dirt that adheres to the surface.

Buy Smeg Portofino CPF92GM Dual Fuel Range Cooker from John Lewis (from £2,749)

Lacanche Classic Macon range cooker

Classic Macon range cooker in Quartz Pink, from £4,740, Lacanche

Why not add a pop of colour to your kitchen space with this pretty pink range cooker from Lacanche? You can customise this one depending on your requirements, plus it comes in a variety of size options. The perfect versatile range cooker!

Buy Classic Macon range cooker from Lacanche (from £4,740)

Best range cookers under £10,000

Falcon deluxe 1000 induction range cooker

Deluxe 1000 induction range cooker in China Blue, £5,199, Falcon

If pink isn't quite your colour, this muted blue option is a winner. With five hobs and two ovens, this range cooker will fit into any kitchen, whether you've embraced period charm or more contemporary interior deign.

Buy Falcon Duluxe 1000 induction range cooker from StovesAreUs (£5,069)

Everhot 90 range cooker in Pillar Box Red, from £6,940

90 range cooker in Pillar Box Red, £6,940, Everhot

For anyone feeling brave, this pillar-box-red range cooker certainly makes a statement. The design has a slightly more industrial feel to it thanks to the door styles. This option includes two ovens; one for slow cooking and one for roasting, as well as hot and simmer plates.

Buy Everhot 90 Range Cooker from Everhot (from £8,480)

Range cookers over £10,000

AGA R3 Series 150 Electric With Induction Hob

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eR3 150-4i cooker in British Racing Green, £12,995, Aga

Go all out with a full size AGA featuring four ovens and two induction zones. This green tone screams heritage, but their are plenty of colour options, so you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Buy AGA R3 Series 150 Electric With Induction Hob from AGA (£14,970)

AGA R7 150 Electric With Induction Hob

Best range cookers

One of the highest spec range cookers they offer, the AGA R7 has five ovens for baking, roasting, simmering, slow cooking and warming. There is also a boiling plate, simmering plate, induction hob and an induction plate. What more could you ask for?

Buy AGA R7 150 Electric With Induction Hob from AGA (£16,010)