Original Sofa Company


Traditional heritage with a twist! 

The Chesterfield Sofa really does represents true British heritage; With over 135 years’s combined experience, Original Sofa Company has a long standing tradition of beautiful pieces, crafted at an unprecedented level of fine craftsmanship and detail. Crafting their pieces in the traditional manner, using solid beechwood frames and coil spring to not only create a superbly comfortable pieces but also longegivty!


Interiors have grown and changed greatly from the 18th Century town houses and grand manor houses of the past. With years of style and design evolving over hundreds of years and many styles being revived. These can all be seen in modern interior design, with either an entire room in a style of styles blended together.

Blending of styles from various time periods can create a stunning and cultured look within your home, with the chesterfield sofa standing as a beautiful and versatile piece within.

With it’s very regal and striking presence the Chesterfield sofa makes a stunning focal point in any room or even to compliment other pieces and styles in the room. Renowned for their Straight arms and back to give a bold and comfortable seat, while traditionally being fully buttoned with stunning studded arm facings and borders, give then their beautiful sense of luxury. Along with the mixing of pieces from different periods of time and style; you can also take a classically traditional piece, such as the chesterfield sofa, and give it a modern twist to tie in with more a contemporary interior.

Leather sofas

For example, this Wilmington chesterfield sofa is a Stunning Timeless style with great character and comfort. Fully buttoned with a wide buttoned border and finished in their renowned hand dyed leather.

Gold Leather sofa

Another beautiful Chesterfield from Original Sofa Company is this Rockingham chesterfield sofa. Here using undyed natural leather rather than traditional browns or tan.

This gives the piece not only an interesting appearance but it compliments the surrounding colours of pastel shades beautifully. With two contrasting chairs again upholstered in a soft lilac. This room has superb character without being overpowered by traditional dark colours and heavy wooden furniture; instead opting for more elegant pieces and colours.

white leather sofa

With many more Chesterfields to choose from, including pre-loved alongside their stunning signature pieces, take some time to look at their ranges, and you too can create that eclectic mix of old and new.