Why Choose Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining?

There's more to open-plan kitchens than simply having more space. Find out how it can change your home life for the better - The Wood Works, a bespoke kitchen company, offers its insight...


For a long time now, open-plan living spaces have been gaining popularity and they are now frequently requested by customers of interior designers and kitchen companies looking to make changes to their homes. This guide examines the main reasons open-plan kitchens and dining spaces provide you with the best use of space and a beautiful aesthetic.


Open plan increases interaction

It’s so important for homeowners to be able to interact with their family members as well as to entertain guests while they’re cooking. Open-plan kitchens connect people who are carrying out different activities. For example, parents can be preparing a meal while children carry out their homework – the open-plan kitchen allows them to communicate and help each other. When entertaining guests, the open nature of the room provides a sociable atmosphere and the cook doesn’t have to miss out on the fun.


Open plan connects different areas

Having an open-plan living space in your home creates a seamless space in which two areas essentially become one. The use of a continuous colour scheme and the same materials helps to create an area that looks larger than it is.

Flood the space with natural light

Opening up your kitchen and dining area into one space allows natural light to spread further throughout. Overall, the room will be lighter and brighter, making it seem even more spacious. It’s also a way to connect the outdoors to the indoors, so everyone can enjoy the view of the garden.


Multifunctional space

In one space, you can have a variety of different appliances and functions going on. In one room, you can have a kitchen, a dining area, work stations and a living area with a TV and a sofa. Again, this can encourage your family to spend more time together, even if they are doing different things at the same time.

Creating a spacious, airy feel

If you struggle for space currently, an open-plan solution is ideal for you. Opting for a light colour palette can make the space appear bigger, while choosing floor-to-ceiling cabinets maximises the storage available to you and will eliminate clutter in the most important room in your home.


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