How to decorate your home with folk art and antiques in time for Easter

Bold, bright and undeniably cheerful, spring is the season to invigorate your home with naïve folk art and characterful antiques hailing from Eastern Europe

A folk-style bedroom layered with antique and vintage quilts and throws

Celebrate Easter with a vibrant and colourful display of folk art pieces, vintage items with hand-detailed decoration, fresh spring flowers and a scattering of painted eggs 

A vibrant Easter display of painted eggs, antique and vintage ceramics on a hand-painted folk art marriage chest
Wall painted in ‘Teresa’s Green’ Estate Emulsion, £45 per 2.5l, Farrow & Ball. Folk art marriage chest from central Transylvania c1890–1920, £590, John Cornall Antiques. Small hand-painted green ceramic trinket pot with lid, £8, Packhouse. Hand-painted Eastern European doll’s cupboard, £30, BazaarCabotine at Etsy. Neon pink three-arm candle holder, £49.99, Rice. Small, green wooden dish with decorative edge, £4, Packhouse. Hand-painted black enamel jug, £29.95; painted eggs (in bowl), from £1.99 each, both Namaste. Handmade pottery bowl, £25, John Cornall Antiques. Floral glass painted plaque, from £145, Rah Rivers. Embossed blue stoneware stemmed bowl, £34.99, Rice. Ornamental blue ceramic egg, £14 for four, Traidcraft. Russian handmade wooden eggs, £29 for five, MadeinFlo at Etsy. Books, stylist’s own. Hand-painted metal bucket, £18, Packhouse. Vintage enamel coffee pot, £28, The Antiques Warehouse. Flowers, spring plants and bulbs, from a selection at Burford Garden Company.

This Transylvanian bench with a cheery floral design will bring a joyful mood to your hallway this spring. It doubles as a storage box so is ideal for stashing shoes and other clutter

A floral Transylvanian bench used as storage for shoes and other homewares. Embroidered cushions line the bench and ceramic plates are mounted on the wall
Wall painted in ‘Kitchen Green’ Intelligent Eggshell, £59 for 2.5l; window frame painted in ‘Cupboard Green’ Intelligent Eggshell, £59 for 2.5l, both Little Greene. On wall: vintage embroidered blind, £35, Parna; metal hook mounted on wood, £12; floral scarf, £16, both Packhouse; porringers from Marosvásárhely c1900–1950s, £25 each, John Cornall Antiques; mosaic love letter bird, from £150, Rah Rivers; small painted green pine hanging box with decorative folk carved frame, £65, John Cornall Antiques; green plant pots, small £3.50, large £6, all Burford Garden Company; floral ceramic bowl; floral vase, £12 each, both Anthropologie. On window sill: small ‘Staffordshire Lovers’ oil painting, £125, Rah Rivers. Vintage painted side table, £25, Packhouse. On table: small white recycled tyre pot with floral design, £30 for three, Traidcraft; green enamel pot, £40, Packhouse. Transylvanian mid-century folk art painted box bench, £750, John Cornall Antiques. On bench: vintage embroidered cushion, Parna; vintage embroidered cushions x2, £30 each, The Old Haberdashery; blue and white textured cushion, £22; red and white diamond cushion (just seen), £18, both Packhouse. Vintage black rya rug with floral border, £395, SCP. Red rug, £45, The Old Haberdashery.

Give your dining room a pattern makeover with an array of different wallpaper designs, overlapping to create a patchwork. Pajaki chandeliers make eye-catching centrepieces

A colourful dining room filled with an array of wallpaper designs to create a patchwork effect
Patchwork wallpaper wall features Morris & Co ‘Meadow Sweet in Cornflower/Leaf’, £68 per roll; Sanderson ‘Candytuft in Marine/Indigo’, £42 per roll; Sanderson ‘Larksong in Lime/Cerise’, £36 per roll; Zoffany ‘Verdure in Tapestry Green’, £118 per linear m; Harlequin ‘Tulia in Sapphire Willow Pale Ochre and Neutral’, £56 per roll, all Style Library. Fox and tree print, £10, PrinterJohnson at Etsy. Vintage wallpapers, from a selection from £15 per roll, The Old Haberdashery. Embroidered panel curtain, £35; red flower embroidered tablecloth, £40, both Parna. Tablecloth with hand-embroidered flowers, £54.99; blue embossed plates, £12.50 each, both Rice. Vintage cutlery, from £1 per piece; folk floral tablecloth, £45; red painted chair, £18, all Packhouse. Antique folk plates, from a selection from £8 each, The Antiques Warehouse. Russian handmade wooden eggs, £29 for five, MadeinFlo at Etsy. Fresh spring flower centrepieces (in antique dishes), made to order from £45, Darling & Wild. Handmade pajaki decoration, £275, Raj Tent Club. Decoupage chair; pink hand-painted chair, £80 each, both Tinker & Toad. Folk art Eastern European oak chairs, £265 for a pair, John Cornall Antiques.

Make an Easter tree using twigs gathered together and arranged in a large earthenware pot. Hang handmade decorations from the budding twigs and display on a sideboard with chocolate treats

An Easter tree gathered in a large earthenware pot
Mongolian carved and painted pine 19th-century sideboard, £690, John Cornall Antiques. Folk plates, from £10 each, FolkHomeBoutique at Etsy. Flower cake toppers, £11 for a set with Liberty print cupcake cases, Meri Meri. Vintage bunny chocolate moulds, large £48, small £35, The Antiques Warehouse. Antique two-handled green glazed pot, £120, John Cornall Antiques. Vintage papier mache bunny and butterfly decorations, £5 each, Packhouse. Hand-painted hanging crosses, £14 for four; papier mache hanging bird, £12 for two, both Traidcraft. Hanging hand-painted eggs, £26 for four, Vintageglasswareuk at Etsy. Porringer bowl from Marosvásárhely c1900–1950s, £25, John Cornall Antiques. Handmade wooden eggs, £29 for five, MadeinFlo at Etsy. Ribbons and tassels, from a selection, The Old Haberdashery.

A statement antique folk art piece like this handmade Russian cupboard is a decorative as well as practical addition to any living space. The top section opens to reveal a dresser-style display, where colourful dining and kitchenware accessories are gloriously on show

A statement antique folk art Russian cupboard
Wall papered as before. ‘Red Squirrel’ poster, £10, PrinterJohnson at Etsy. Russian antique pine folk art cupboard c1850, £1,150; folk art Eastern European oak chair, £265 for a pair, both John Cornall Antiques. On cupboard: ‘Flower Bouquet Garland’, £16.50, Meri Meri. In cupboard (from top shelf): black hand-painted enamel cup, £6.95, Namaste; yellow folk vase, £16; platter, £22, both The Antiques Warehouse; ‘Eres’ measuring cups, £28 for four, Anthropologie; blue enamel colander, £25, Berry Red; vintage red tablecloth, £18, Packhouse; painted bowl, stylist’s own, find similar at Namaste; vintage Hungarian blue folk vase, £7, TheHiddenGrove at Etsy; vintage floral tin, £12, Packhouse; Sisters Gulassa ‘Floral Pot’, £16; embroidered tea towel, £22; ‘Lapin’ wood and marble cheese board, £58; ‘Eres’ butter dish, £22, all Anthropologie. Galvanised bucket, £25, The Old Haberdashery. Flower bucket, £12, Garden Trading. Vintage Moldavian rug, £450, SCP.

Create a folk-style bedroom by layering the bed with antique and vintage embroidered quilts, throws and a heap of cushions. A rustic stool makes a sweet bedside table and the pom pom tassel garlands add a celebratory touch

A folk-style bedroom layered with antique and vintage quilts and throws
Walls painted in ‘Sweet Pink’ Paint Mixing Flat Matt, £27.56 per 2.5l, Dulux. Vintage metal bed frame, £450, eBay. On bed: wool tassel garland, £18, Meri Meri; dark hand-sewn pillowcase, for similar try Etsy; pink, blue and multi-coloured embroidered cushions with pom poms, £24.95 each, Raj Tent Club; vintage embroidered cushions, £30 each; embroidered lace sheet, £35, both Parna; naïve West Indian folk art canopy (used as throw), £125; kantha stitch bedspread with green flower motif, £450; pink Indian wallhanging with flowers and birds (used as bedcover), £125, all Raj Tent Club. On wall: ‘Garden Lovers’ mosaic, from £550, Rah Rivers; folk art shelf with hearts and cockerels, £130, John Cornall Antiques; small painted cups, from £16 each, The Antiques Warehouse; Swedish decorative carved peg rack, £180, John Cornall Antiques; black hand and flower painting, £85, Rah Rivers; ribbons, from a selection, The Old Haberdashery. Blue painted folk stool (used as table), £28, The Old Haberdashery. On stool: vintage rustic folk-style hand-painted wooden box, £12, GilbertandCrick at Etsy; folk bowl (used as a planter), £25, John Cornall Antiques. Vintage rya rug, £395, SCP. Turkish slippers, for similar try Etsy.

Give your linen cupboard a spring spruce by arranging your collection of vintage eiderdowns, antique embroidered cloths and cushion covers on shelves trimmed with lengths of decorative ribbon

A linen cupboard arranged with a collection of vintage eiderdown
Built-in cupboard painted in ‘Pale Wedgwood’ Flat Oil Eggshell, £30 per litre, Little Greene. Vintage textiles and eiderdown, from a selection, The Old Haberdashery. Embroidered quilts, from a selection, Raj Tent Club. Embroidered floral ribbon, £4.50 per m, LittleIndiaStore at Etsy. Embroidered heart, for similar try Etsy. Hand-painted ‘Garden Lovers’ miniature, from £85; glass painted love token, from £145; miniature painting, from £85, all Rah Rivers. Black Victorian jug, £12, The Antiques Warehouse. Embroidered panels, from £35, Parna. Hand-painted red heart, £85, Rah Rivers. Blue enamel jug, £29.95, Namaste. Yellow floral vase, £12, Anthropologie. Bunny papier maché decoration, £5, Packhouse. Red and pink flower ribbon, £4.50 per m, LittleIndiaStore at Etsy. Green embroidered ribbon, £1 per m, TheBlackbirdBazaar at Etsy. Copper and blue jug, £18, The Antiques Warehouse.

Photographs: Katya de Grunwald


Styling: Selina Lake