It's fair to say Bridgerton has us all enthralled, and with the release of Season Two, the Queen Charlotte spin-off release date revealed as May 4th 2023, and the much anticipated Season Three currently being filmed, there is a renewed sense of longing to visit the beautiful houses, buildings and gardens featured in the show.

From the wisteria-fronted home where the Bridgertons reside to the beautiful gardens we see 'the ton' promenade, Bridgerton is filmed all over the country. But, fear not, we've found the locations featured in Seasons One and Two, and discovered the ones you can visit!

Bridgerton Filming Locations

Ranger's House, London

Bridgerton Filming Locations
English Heritage

Starting with the stars of the show, the Bridgerton house is one of the most featured homes in the series. The exterior of the house is Ranger's House in London, a Georgian villa which is actually an art museum, famously housing The Wernher Collection. Originally built by Andrew Snape in 1688, Ranger's House was occupied by Captain Francis Hosier in 1700, who altered the property to don the facade we recognise today.

As Ranger's House is an art museum, the public can visit Wednesday to Sunday from 11am-4pm. It's worth noting that only the exterior of Ranger's House is used to film scenes in Bridgerton – the decadent interiors are from somewhere else entirely...

RAF Halton House, Buckinghamshire

You might be wondering where exactly the scenes inside the Bridgertons' house are filmed, and you might be surprised to find that the answer is RAF Halton House in Buckinghamshire. You'll recognise the interiors of the smoking room, hallway, grand hall and staircase in both seasons. Interestingly, RAF Halton still runs as an active RAF base, although it is expected to close by 2025.

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Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire

Bridgerton Filming Locations
Wrotham park

Heavily featured in Season Two of Bridgerton, Wrotham Park was the filming location of Aubrey Hall, the Bridgerton family's country house, where they spend much of their off-season, and where they invite the Sharma sisters. It holds much significance in Anthony's story, including the site of his father's death and where he had to become the man of the house. It's also the place where many viewers' favourite scenes between Kate and Anthony take place, and is sure to make an appearance in later seasons.

The neo-Palladian English country house is now used largely for events, including weddings and dinner parties, so the public can visit if they are attending one such event.

No 1 Royal Crescent, Bath

You've probably already guessed where the Featheringtons' house exterior is filmed. After all, it's a popular location for period dramas. But for those of you who aren't familiar, the Featherington home is No 1 Royal Crescent in Bath. Work on the house was carried out in three phases from 1767 to 1769, but the key design feature is the Palladian edifice made from Bath stone, and it comes as no surprise the building is deemed of architectural and historical importance.

Now a museum, No 1 Royal Crescent is open to visitors Tuesday to Sunday from 10am until 4:30pm. Despite only the Georgian exterior being used in Bridgerton, it has featured in a number of period dramas over the years.

Castle Howard, Yorkshire

Castle Howard
Castle Howard Getty Images/David Goddard

Castle Howard played a big role in Season One of Bridgerton. You might recognise it as Clyvedon Castle, the Duke of Hastings' home where he and Daphne live following their marriage. You'll also remember the famous fight scene between Daphne and Nigel Berbrooke, which was filmed in Castle Howard's Walled Garden. It was only the exterior of Castle Howard that was used – the interiors were filmed at a couple of different locations, including North Mymms Park and Wilton House (more on this later).

You might also be wondering about the Duke's estate, somewhere we saw a lot of following their marriage, including the scene where Daphne has to choose a winning pig. These scenes were also filmed in Yorkshire, but in a small village called Coneysthorpe. You can, of course, visit the village of Coneysthorpe, and Castle Howard's house and gardens are open to the public, although pre-booking is recommended.

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North Mymms Park

North Mymms Park featured very briefly in Season One, but it held much significance to the storyline. One of the rooms here was used to film the nursery at Clyvedon Castle, which we see a couple of times after Simon and Daphne move in, including a moment with Daphne looking into the room as she struggles to accept Simon being unable to give her children. It's also the location of the Gentleman's Club, a place we often see the men socialising, particularly Simon and Anthony in Season One.

North Mymms Park is now a wedding and events venue, so although it's not open to the general public, you can visit if you're attending an event there.

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Wilton House, Salisbury

Another key location for filming inside Clyvedon Castle, you might recognise Wilton House's interiors as the Duke's, particularly his dining room. The space featured heavily in Season One as a space we enjoyed many scenes of the Duke and Daphne as a happily (and not so happily) married couple. Wilton House is a popular filming location for Regency dramas, including Emma, The Young Victoria and The Crown.

Wilton House was also used for Queen Charlotte's residence, Buckingham House. Used for both interior and exterior shots, Wilton House was used for the king's chambers and parlour, the queen's throne and the exterior of Simon's London home. The house and gardens are open to visitors throughout the year, but it's worth checking their website as their opening times vary and they often hold events.

Syon Park, London

You might recognise The Great Conservatory at Syon Park from Season Two of Bridgerton. This was the location of Kate Sharma's first seasonal ball, where she bumps into Anthony Bridgerton outside.

The Great Conservatory is located in the grounds of Syon House, which has over 600 years of rich history, and is the last surviving ducal residence complete with its country estate in Greater London. The conservatory hasn't existed for quite as long, originally built during the 19th century and then refurbished in the late 1980s.

If you'd like to visit, the house is open to visitors every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, whereas the gardens are open Wednesday to Sunday.

Syon House
Syon House Getty Images/paulafrench

Gale Cottage, Buckinghamshire

Gale Cottage may have only featured briefly in Season One, but it was the location of a truly pivotal moment for the leading couple. The cottage was actually the setting for the Inn that Simon and Daphne stay in on their way back to Simon's home – a scene that saw the couple finally confess their feelings for each other.

Gale Cottage sits in the grounds of Dorney Court Estate, which is now used as a wedding and events venue, as well as boasting beautiful grounds and an on-site garden centre. Usually, visitors are welcome at the estate, however the property is currently temporarily closed.

Hampton Court Palace, London

You can't miss the opulent exterior of Hampton Court Palace, so you might recognise it as the exterior of Queen Charlotte's home in both seasons of Bridgerton. Hampton Court Palace is synonymous with royalty, so it's a fitting home for the queen of the show.

The original Tudor palace was first built in the early 16th century, but it soon caught notorious King Henry VIII's eye and, after buying it, he welcomed all six of his wives through the palace doors. You might be wondering when in its history the Palladian-style exterior we see today was added. It was William III and Mary II – they moved in during the late 1600s during their reign – who commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to design the elegant palace we see today.

Visitors are welcome at Hampton Court Palace, as has been the case since 1838 when Queen Victoria decided to open the palace up to the public. Now owned by Historic Royal Palaces, you can visit Hampton Court Palace every Wednesday to Sunday – opening times vary so its best to check the website before planning your trip.

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Holburne Museum, Bath

Holburne Museum
Holburne Museum Getty Images/Matt Cardy

Locals will have no doubt recognised the grand facade of Lady Danbury's house as Bath's Holburne Museum. First appearing at the beginning of Season One when Lady Danbury welcomes Simon back to town, it's a key location in both seasons, and likely to make further appearances in the future.

Home to a collection of art and a pleasure garden at its rear, the Holburne Museum is a must-visit for a trip to Bath, The museum is open daily from 10am until 5pm.

Leigh Court, Bristol

Anyone who watched Season One of Bridgerton will recognise the grand double staircase at Leigh Court in Bristol. You might remember the scene where Daphne rather dramatically descends the stairs in a bid to capture the attention of the Prince (and the jealousy of Simon!) at one of multiple ball scenes. In fact, a number of ballroom scenes were shot inside Leigh Court's Great Hall.

Leigh Court is run as a wedding and events venue day-to-day, so should you wish to marry here, attend a wedding or a corporate event, you can take a peak at the beautiful interiors that set many a scene in Bridgerton Season One.

Theatre Royal Brighton

Bridgerton Filming Locations

The opera was a recurring theme throughout the first season, from visits to the shows to the affair between Anthony and singer Siena. The auditorium we see in the episodes is filmed at Theatre Royal Brighton, one of the oldest theatres in the country. The theatre first opened its doors in 1807 after George IV gave Royal Assent for it to be built. It was then in 1854, following its sale to an actor, Henry John Nye Chart, that major redevelopment was undertaken.

Theatre Royal Brighton is still a working theatre, so with tickets to a show, visitors can see the grand auditorium for themselves.

The Abbey Deli, Bath

Bridgerton Filming Locations
The Abbey Deli

Though much of the filming for Bridgerton takes place in regal stately homes and picturesque gardens, there is one slightly smaller location that features heavily throughout both seasons of Bridgerton. For every ball and social occasion, the women of 'the ton' flock to Madame Delacroix's dress shop, The Modiste. The setting for these scenes is actually The Abbey Deli, located on Bath's Abbey Green.

The Grade II-listed building is tucked away behind the famous Roman Baths the town is famous for, and features beautiful bay windows you'd expect from an old store – a charming location indeed. As The Abbey Deli is a shop, you can go and visit it, but don't expect to see pretty dresses!

Painshill Park, London

It isn't just houses and buildings that make the Bridgerton filming locations so iconic, the gardens are just as important. From promenades to picnics and social events, there are a few key outdoor locations of note. Painshill Park is one of these places, seen often in Season One in scenes between Daphne and Simon as they plan their ruse.

Painshill Park is open to the public daily, whilst other attractions can be seen at varying times including The Crystal Grotto, The Gothic Tower and Mr Hamilton's Tea Room.

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Windsor Great Park, London

Possibly one of the most talked about scenes of Bridgerton Season Two, Windsor Great Park was used to film Kate Sharma as she takes a rowing boat across the lake, and where Anthony Bridgerton finds himself going for a swim.

The Savill Garden is open to visitors throughout the year with a charge, and Windsor Great Park is free and open to the public at all times.