If, like many, your garden feels as though it's dominated by boring wooden fences, it can be hard to conjure up ideas on how to make the space feel less like an outdoor box and more of an outdoor oases. But one of the best ways to transform your garden is to treat those mundane fences just as you would walls in your home; decorate them.


From a lick of paint to colourful plants, there are plenty of ideas floating around. But have you considered a garden mirror? Easily attached to a fence or wall, they are great for not only distracting from expansive areas of fencing, but they help to make the space look three-dimensional - the reflection gives the illusion of a larger garden, or an added bonus in gardens where pants struggle to grow everywhere if your mirror is reflecting other plants to give a more lively appearance.

Are mirrors good in the garden?

Mirrors are a great addition to any garden. They reflect sunlight to brighten more shady spots in your outdoor space, and can even give the illusion of a larger garden, even if you have a smaller space. They are also lovely decorative pieces. A garden mirror adds interest, particularly in gardens that aren't suitable for growing lots of plants and flowers.

What is the difference between a garden mirror and a normal mirror?

There are very minor differences between an indoor mirror and a garden mirror. The mirror part is made from a strong glass regardless of the space it is created for, but the frame and decorative elements are where you are likely to see some differences. A tougher material might be used for a garden mirror, especially for those labelled as weather resistant. Garden mirrors may also have different attachments for hanging, usually something more study such as galvanised brackets.

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Do mirrors in gardens cause fires?

It really depends of the type of mirror and the items you have near it. Opt for a convex or plane mirror to avoid the rink of fire and stay away paraboloid mirrors as they are the most likely to cause a fire. It's important to remember it isn't the mirror itself that sets on fire, but a flammable object that the mirror reflects sun rays on to, so take this in to consideration when decorating your outdoor space.

Best garden mirrors

Bexley XXL Decorative Arched Outdoor Garden Mirror

Best garden mirrors

Opt for something more traditional in style like this decorative garden mirror featuring a white worn-finish frame with matching ornate details. Made from strong metal to tolerate every weather condition, this mirror can be hung on your fence or left leant against a sturdy wall.

Buy Bexley XXL Decorative Arched Outdoor Garden Mirror from Woodside (£129.99)

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Gothic Arch Garden Mirror

Best garden mirrors

Make a statement with gothic arched mirror. It's distressed-finish iron helps the mirror to fit right in with your garden greenery and overtime will take on a lovely patina.

Buy Gothic Arch Garden Mirror from Mano Mano (£44.44)

Habitat Faux Ratten Garden Mirror

Best garden mirrors

If you're looking for something more subtle, this wall-mounted ratten mirror will make a lovely addition to any decking or patio area.

Buy Habitat Faux Ratten Garden Mirror from Argos (£35)

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Gatsby Inspired Gold Indoor/Outdoor Mirror

Best garden mirrors

Bring a touch of art deco glam to your garden with this Gatsby-inspired outdoor mirror. With a gold finish and scalloped edge design, this mirror will add some 1920s charm to your space.

Buy Gatsby Inspired Gold Indoor/Outdoor Mirror from Rockett St George (£260)

Morocco Garden Mirror

Best garden mirrors

Inspired by Moroccan design, this garden mirror features a decorative circular swirls and an antique silver finish.


Buy Morocco Garden Mirror from Black Country Metalworks (£68)